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APR 2018

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30 LC DBM And he avoids minimal lighting strategies because they can look "funky," with some bright areas sepa - rated by pools of darkness. "This has over 100 fixtures of all different types of style and direction - al output and brightness that creates more of a glow throughout the land - scape but still gives you dimension because of the varying light fixtures," Norris states. The Installation A four-man crew from Desert Foot- hills worked for a couple of weeks to position that number of fixtures. Trenches were hand-dug for the wir - ing that was set in without conduit. Spotlights, well lights and wall washes with integral lamps in a vari - ety of lumens and beam angles made up the majority of the fixtures. Some of them can be dimmed and adjusted at different times depending on ne - cessity. Brass fixtures were selected over aluminum ones due to their ability to better withstand the heat and varying exposures in the desert. Nearly all of the lights are fixed into the ground with a 12-inch-long, heavy-duty stake, which Norris says is enough to firmly anchor them. Exceptions to this are a few down lights that were mounted in trees to disperse over a larger area. And a side-mounted directional spotlight was installed on one of the beams of the shade structure to illuminate the topside of the big golden barrel cluster. Most of the well lights are re - cessed into the bare earth though some, accenting the shade struc - ture's columns and structural corners of the home, were incorporated into the hardscape, which was completed at the same time. "Instead of having one trade do everything, we had the best of each trade working together, each focused on their expertise," says Norris. All the landscape lighting is low voltage but the patio area fixtures, which weren't installed by Desert Foothills, are 110 volt. The home - owner wanted it this way for ease of control and separation on his smart home system. Three 600-watt transformers were needed to accommodate the land - scape lighting. One of the adjustments that Nor - ris made after the initial install was to add risers of different lengths to some of the wall washes to illumi - nate the tops of plants and boulders. Another adjustment, and one that really resonates with him, was sug - gesting an alternative to a sculpture that was to be placed in front of a decorative wall, and bordered by a travertine walkway. Left A directional spotlight was mounted on one of the beams of the shade structure to get illumination on the topside of the large golden barrel cluster. Below Most of the well lights were recessed into the bare ground, but some, like the ones illuminating these manmade columns, were installed into the existing hardscape.

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