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APR 2018

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The Partnership Though the lighting was included in the original deal, the homeowner, who has another property in the Pacific North - west that was illuminated by Oregon Out- door Lighting, floated the idea that maybe they help out with the installation. "He had such good results at his Or - egon home, he asked if I'd be open to bringing them to this one," Norris relates, "which I was happy to do especially since he referenced them so well." Remarking on the differences between the types of plants he typically works with and what Kyle McKelvey, the owner of Oregon Outdoor lighting works with, he adds, "It was definitely cool getting somebody else's perspective; another ex - pert's input and philosophy on this type of palette here in Arizona." When McKelvey visited the site, he brought the lights his company produces and showed them to the team who were quite impressed with their quality. As Drew notes, "The lighting was supposed to be a higher-end package to showcase what we consider to be living artwork." The Planning Once the landscaping was to a point that fixture selections, including output and beam angles, were possible, Norris and McKelvey spent a few evenings plot - ting the design. But that did not include a formal lighting plot because Norris pre - fers an in-field plan. Left The output of the lights, which were all 3000K, range from 300 to 500 lumens with beam angles of 12- to 60-degree spreads. The multi-head Yucca rostrata in the middle of this photo is flanked on the far right by a Mexican fence post. Right McKelvey's company, which produces their own higher-end landscape lights with LED lamps that are integral to the fixtures, provided all of the lights for this project. Here a wall wash sidelights the golden barrel and well lights illuminate the crested organ pipe. April 2018 29 Below A blue Yucca rostrata and an Argentine saguaro were illuminated to stand out against the dark back- ground. In a couple of instances, down lights that disperse over a larger area were mounted in trees.

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