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APR 2018

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DOUBLE TAKE Above In one of Scottsdale, Arizona's higher-end neigh- borhoods, the owner of this residence spent thousands of dollars on plantings, such as golden barrel clusters, organ pipes and crested organ pipes, and had them installed by Des- ert Foothills Landscape. Then to showcase this "living artwork" at night, they brought in Kyle McKelvey from Oregon Out- door Lighting - who had worked on the homeowner's property in the Pacific Northwest. Together they placed over 100 spotlights, well lights, and wall washes throughout the site. T Two heads are better than one, the saying goes, and in the case of a landscape light - ing project in the desert environs of Arizona where the first of the two has honed his craft, when the second one hails from the lush, green surroundings of Oregon, what material - izes from these different perspectives prom- ises to be quite distinctive. Desert Foothills Landscape, a company of about 200 from the Phoenix area town of Cave Creek, was commissioned by a home - owner in the stylish Scottsdale area called Estancia to landscape his surroundings with resplendent high desert plants from their own private nursery. "It was a contemporary design with a mix of Southwest," says John Drew, the landscape company's director of marketing. The selections included organ pipes, bar - rel clusters, saguaros and rostratas. A 90-ton crane was rented to lift some of the plants up and over the house. The resulting landscape, not only arrest - ing on its own, takes on different composi- tions throughout the day as sunlight, filtered through trees and shade structures, sculpts it. And when it came to illuminating it for night views, that viewpoint guided the design. "What we were intending to accomplish is creating a landscape lighting setup that was not just specific directional spotlights on cer - tain things," relates Chad Norris, the VP of sales and lead designer at Desert Foothills; and head of this project. "We wanted a land - scape that was just as visible and enjoyable at night as it is during the day." 28 LC DBM ON A DESERTSCAPE by Mike Dahl, LC/DBM

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