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APR 2018

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AQUA Illum ina tion by Greg Frank, LCDBM Above The underwater lights for this medium-sized fishpond were installed while the pond was under construction. To allow easy access for maintenance, the crew used drop-in-place, or unfixed, LED fixtures and added a small bead of silicone between the retaining ring and the fixture's body, before submerging, to ensure a proper fitted gasket. Anthony Bogdanovich, owner of Imagine Lighting Co., and his team worked with the land- scaper and the pond contractor to ensure the installation of the wiring was coordinated with their efforts. Above, Right This large ornamen- tal fountain, located in Alpharetta, Georgia, is illuminated by six sub- mersible LED fixtures. One of the first steps for the installation was trenching electrical conduit for the lights underground. Wires were connected to a lighting control panel in an equipment room that also contains the pumps. The wires were pulled first to a standard junction box, and then to separate underwater junction boxes. Once the fountain was turned on, the lights' positions and beam spreads were fine-tuned. The lighting controller adjusts the intensity of each fixture's red, green and blue diodes to create different colors. T The idea of having electricity under- water can seem almost contradictory in nature. Yet, today there is a plethora of products that can accommodate a diverse range of aquatic projects; from the small - est koi pond to the largest backyard pool, there is sure to be an underwater light that will shine. There are two main types of underwater lights, fixed mount fixtures and movable uplights. Fixed mount fixtures are usually found in pools and usually require expert installation and handling - especially for a pool. Movable uplights, on the other hand, are ordinarily going to be weighted, small, waterproof light fixtures that can be easy to install. This article will address both of these waterproof landscape lighting variet - ies, including information on wiring, best practices, life expectancies, maintenance and safety regards. Fixed Mount Fixtures The major safety concern with any un- derwater lighting system is of course that electricity and water don't mix. But for large mounted fixtures there is an addition - al safety concern; heat. The sizeable light- ing fixtures that are designed to be mount- ed underwater, work under the assumption that they will be constantly submerged in water to keep them cool., an online knowledge database for all things pool related, states, "water surrounds the entire fixture, keeping it cool. Do not op - erate the light for more than one second 24 LC DBM Water-Safe Lighting

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