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APR 2018

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Right This mockup was made by attendees of the Intensive Course held in Tokamachi, Japan (inset). The local hosts were concerned about seasonal flooding affecting the installation, so Janet Moyer devised the system so that two fixtures could be removed using quick-disconnect assemblies before the flooding began, and all the power would come from beyond the flood plane. The hosts enjoyed the lighting so much, they asked that the mockup be left in place so they could make it a permanent part of the waterfall. Right Every Intensive Course includes demonstrations of important installation techniques. Here, Jesse Loucks, illi's board chair, and John Pletcher, a longtime lead mentor, demonstrate crimping fixture wires and covering the connection with heat shrink—a solid, long-lasting connection technique. April 2018 19 adult education. "With this partnership, we have a fabu - lous foundation to expand and enhance illi's training program," he stated. This not only gives more credibility and visibility to illi, but also offers the organi - zation a host of resources from the Out- reach Program they can draw from. The Future of illi Last September at the directors' meet- ing, six members of the board, along with three honored guests: a manufacturer from Canada, a lighting designer from Los Angeles, and Harders, began to lay out their short term and long term agenda for the organization. This year, they're looking to launch their new website, create an internation - ally-recognized certificate of achievement for their Intensive Courses, and gear up for their next Intensive Course this fall. They're planning on offering more In - tensive Courses nationally and interna- tionally, and on creating online, prepara- tory courses. "We'll be able to reach more people with these introductory, easy-to-take on - line courses," said Jesse Loucks, illi's board chair and the owner of JL Lighting Design, LLC. illi's Intensive Course This five-day/five-night program, the next of which will take place at the Uni - versity of Oklahoma from October 11-16, 2018, is instructed by sixteen mentors including Moyer. It encompasses a series of lectures, manufacturers' demonstra - tions, and 24 hours of hands-on work in the field with illi's huge collection of light- ing equipment. The attendees work in groups of six to design and install a temporary lighting system that they present to their men - tors and a public audience. Illuminating Engineering Society members can receive 45 hours of CEUs and America Institute of Architects members can receive 45 hours of LUs. Harders sees the benefits of attending as twofold. "Working hand in hand with other designers is important. We like hav - ing a diversity of ideas in lighting," he said. "And as a man - ufacturer, we like to keep our ears open to see what other de - signers want so we can make fixtures customized to their needs." Loucks, who took the Intensive Course in 2008 and then became a mentor in 2011, stated, "At the end of the course, your brain is just awash with information that would take you years to learn otherwise." With all the changes going on in the or - ganization, illi's future is looking bright. But at the heart of it all, are the people who make up the organization: "What we've got going for us is a core group of people who care," Loucks said. "These are talented lighting designers who are willing to spend their time to help fos - ter the next generation and to further the education of landscape lighting." LC DBM More information at

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