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APR 2018

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by Sarah Franco, Sterling Lighting Photos by George Gruel Above Attendees of the International Landscape Lighting Institute's Inten- sive Course work with their team and their mentors - 3 per team - to produce scenes like this one. Here the goal was to create scenic reflections in the pond, sculpt the plantings along the pond's back edge, and through variations in brightness level and technique, bring out the individual characteristics of the different plant materials. I In 2010, renowned landscape lighting designer, Janet Lennox Moyer, founded the International Landscape Lighting Institute (illi) to help educate and equip landscape lighting professionals. Since then, the organization has gone through a number of changes, growing from a backyard course in outdoor lighting to an internationally-focused organization. In the past two years, they have teamed up with the University of Oklahoma to offer a broader array of continuing educa - tion opportunities for those interested in landscape lighting. "I think education and design will be very important for the next generation of lighting designers and for pros already in the industry who want to hone their craft," said Patrick Harders, who owns a lighting installation company, Enlight - ened Lighting, LLC., and an outdoor lighting manufacturing company, Ster - ling Lighting, LLC. He was one of three industry experts who were invited last September to Oklahoma to attend illi's directors' meeting. Harders got his start in 1998 and has seen the industry go through a number of major changes as the technology im - proved and landscape lighting became more popular. "Continuing education is necessary, as is adaption," Harders said. The History of illi Landscape lighting is a relatively new industry, finding its roots in the late 1960s and becoming more mainstream in the 1990s. Many landscape lighting designers will attest that when they started, there was little guidance or education available. It wasn't even until 1992 that Moyer published the first book on the subject, The Landscape Lighting Book, which is on its third edition and is still required read - ing in most landscape lighting courses. The idea for illi came out of Moyer's experiences teaching landscape lighting at the University of California, Berkeley and Rutgers University, where she quick - ly realized that a course on landscape lighting could not be complete without in-the-field experience. What started small eventually grew into illi's five-day Intensive Course which, in October of 2017, went international, as it was hosted in Tokamachi, Japan. illi's Partnership with the University of Oklahoma In 2016, Moyer announced her deci- sion to step away from illi to focus on her own lighting design business, and offered Scott Williams, who had taken the Inten - sive Course in 2012 to prepare him to teach a class in outdoor lighting design at the University of Oklahoma, the position of executive director. Since then, Williams had been involved in illi every step of the way: partnering it with the university's Outreach Pro - gram, which focuses on continuing and 18 LC DBM The International Landscape Lighting Institute An Educational Opportunity for Landscape Lighting Editor's note: This article was edited to fit the available space. The full version can be read at www.landscapeon-

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