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MAR 2018

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58 LC DBM I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 5 0 8 Equipment Theft Analytic Report New Fleet Management Tools Tips for Cutting Back on Engine Idling An in-depth report by the National Insur- ance Crime Bureau and National Equipment Register found that more than 11,000 heavy machines were recently stolen over the course of a year. Skid steers and commercial mowers were targeted most often. The report has information important to equipment own - ers to help deter crime. Advice from the NICB includes registering equipment and properly securing machines at the end of the day. Small diagnostic devices incorporated into stan- dard engine parts are being produced by engine manufacturers to help equipment owners with their maintenance routines. One example is a re - placement oil filler cap with telematics capabilities that monitors the engine and sends data directly to a free app on a smartphone. This information includes total running hours, current vehicle location, reminders of required maintenance, help with completing the work, a service log and access to constantly updated parts books and operation/ maintenance manuals. A recently released white paper is de- signed to help equipment owners reduce idle time and the costs and lack of pro - ductivity that come from it. The report declares that these inefficient stretches can amount to up to 50% of total running time. The impact of idling on fuel costs is broken out annually and over a five-year period, and additional negative effects such as jeopardizing component life and burning through warranty hours are listed.

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