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MAR 2018

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Left These clay pavers, featured at a streetscape in Charleston, South Carolina, and manufactured by Old Carolina Brick (see below), are laid in a 1-to-1 her- ringbone pattern, albeit in varying sizes and colors. Above To manufacture their bricks, Old Carolina Brick Company uses North Carolina shale clay that is hand rolled in sand. This mixture is then forcefully flung into a wooden mold. The sand helps allow the brick to release from the mold, as well as adds texture and con- trols color. Hand making bricks this way can add a touch of uniqueness; as finger marks, distinctive folds and other surface irregularities distinguish the bricks from conventional machine pressed bricks. Left The backyard of this Louisiana home underwent a complete renovation. Mullin Landscape Associates, of Ha- rahan, Louisiana, used 12" x 24" true blue flagstone slabs for the decking of the pool, in addition to old style bricks laid in a common bond or American bond pattern. The materials for this project were chosen due to their "tradi- tional New Orleans" qualities. B Brickwork is a timeless profession, that is highlighted by many of the world's old - est and still-standing buildings being con- structed out of bricks. This building ma- terial offers an architecturally sound and convenient way of building structures, as it is an inherent building block by design. During the industrial revolution in the beginning of the 19th century, bricks be - gan to be mass-produced. Due to this, bricks were routinely offered in only one color and, one shape – red and rectangular – and one size. However, brick manufac - turing has made leaps and bounds since, and the myth that bricks are homogeneous is a thing of the past. Nowadays, there are a vast amount of varying brick shapes, sizes and colors for every project. There are even custom, handmade bricks that are available from some companies like the Belden Brick Company. The contents of this article are aimed at providing general, as well as specific, infor - mation regarding the aspects of clay bricks and clay pavers. Dimensions, manufactur - ing, bond patterns, and best practices are all included within. Sizing, Manufacturing and Strengths To start, the standard brick weighs ap- proximately 4.5 lbs. and has the dimen- sions 3-5/8"x2-1/4"x8". After the clay and water are mixed, molded, and textured 38 LC DBM CLAY BRICK The Attributes and Handlings of by Greg Frank, LC/DBM

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