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FEB 2018

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22 LC DBM "We haven't figured out how much water we're saving, but it's a big deal," he said. In terms of more general maintenance on the water features, the team makes sure the water levels don't decrease to the point of damaging the pump. Water treatments are minimal. "The moss that's on the rocks is de - sired, so we have to be careful what we treat it with," explained Terrell. The bitter cold snap that followed the "bomb cyclone" in the first week of Janu - ary 2018 caused some minor issues for the water features. "Part of the water features froze," said Terrell. "We've had to watch it, because if all of it froze then it would burn up the pumps with no water circulating." Fortunately, the water was still moving. He estimated it would take temperatures at a sustained 15 to 20 degrees for the features to freeze over completely. Perfection The resort environment is not without its challenges. Given that the location primarily func - tions as a conference center and hotel, accommodations have to be made during special events. "If they're doing a big conference, they may have special needs that they want us to accommodate, whether it's patch - ing sod that the last conference attendees tore up, or they're going to be parking vehicles on the nice lawn and they want us to not water those areas," explained Ter - rell. For some events, they prepare the day before and have a lim - ited presence during the conference. After it ends, they usually go in and clean up the landscape. "The most challenging aspect is just the overall high level of details," Terrell said. "They call it 'show ready.'" Also called "the Callaway way," it means that everything is perfect on the property. At other locations there may be some leeway when the annuals fall out of bloom – but being show ready means they are immediately replaced with some - thing new and vibrant. "The average plant isn't good enough," he said. "The expectation is for every - thing to be perfect all the time." The work done by A Cut Above was recognized by the National Association of Landscape Professionals: they received two Merit Awards of Excellence for The Lodge and Spa at Callaway Gardens in 2017. LC DBM Left Because the moss is a de- sired part of this water feature, very little chemicals are used to treat the water. Regular mainte- nance includes checking the wa- ter levels to make sure the water doesn't go so low that it burns out the pump, or that the water isn't overflowing into a culvert. The water features generally do not freeze over in winter, though there was some minor freezing in early January of this year. Below There are about 15 pots on site that have to be hand watered. Daily maintenance for these includes checking for water and making sure there are no insects. As needed, the crew will deadhead the flowers.

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