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JAN 2018

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regeneration of trees, it is a continuous process with natural stone having an enduring life cycle. Being natural, the stone products are recyclable and can be used as reclaimed paving or for aggregates. Alongside sustainability, a crucial question for many modern end-users is whether their product has been sourced ethically. A lot of sandstone used in hardscapes is imported from In - dian quarries, some of which have been linked to corruption and child labor. As a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), this company is demonstrating to the industry how natu - ral stone mining can be conducted successfully and ethically. It has invested a significant amount of time, money and re - sources, working hard to ensure that all workers at home and abroad enjoy the best possible living and working conditions. Many contractors are already aware of the benefits of natu - ral stone, but may be reluctant to use the product on grounds of the perceived difficulty in installing it. This misconception that natural stone is somehow trickier to install than other hardscape products could not be further from the truth – the installation of natural stone is similar to laying concrete prod - ucts and does not require any new skills. Installing natural stone products does not require a stone- mason, or any specialist training. Many suppliers will include easy-to-follow patterns and laying guides as standard. The in- stallation technique chosen for a project should be determined based on each individual job site and region. The three most popular installation methods are sand-set, mortar-set and con - crete overlay. For added convenience, look out for calibrated stone that comes in pre-cut project packs in squares and rectangles with consistent thickness. This will keep cutting to a minimum and save time, as unlike irregular shaped native stone they do not have to be cut into shape on site. Given such high performance in terms of quality and durabil - ity, natural stone is a safe investment that could increase prop- erty value and decrease maintenance costs. Offering beauty, longevity, sustainability and high performance credentials, it is a natural choice that can really add a wow factor to a prop- erty's aesthetics. For more information about Natural Paving USA, please vis - it: . LC DBM 10 LC DBM Above When tested for ASTM standards of compression strength, absorption rate, and slip resistance, the Classicstone range produced by Natural Paving USA (shown here in 'Harvest'), exceeds the industry standards. The pavers can withstand 15,260 psi, nearly double the industry standard of 8,000 psi for concrete pavers. The absorption rate mea- sures in at 1.2 percent, compared to the industry standard of 5 percent or less. And the slip resistance is 1.46 in dry conditions and 0.94 in wet – the higher the number, the less likely it is for someone to slip. A measurement of 0.60 is considered standard. Left Installing natural stone is as easy as installing concrete pavers, and can be done using sand-set, mortar-set, or concrete overlay methods. Some manufacturers will pro- vide natural stone in pre-cut squares with patterns, eliminating the need to solve the puzzle of how to put the pavers together. Hardscapes continued from page 8

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