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JAN 2018

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>> There's nothing quite like natural stone. Each piece has a unique blend of color and tones with no added pigments, so no two flags are the same. With natural stone, landscape contractors can create a completely custom, high-end driveway or garden landscape for their clients that will be the envy of the neighbors. Mark Wall, chief executive officer at Natural Paving Products USA, details the benefits of using natural stone and best practices for selecting and installing it. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, natural stone has considerable benefits for the end-user in terms of its durability and longevity. It retains its look over time, get - ting better with age, unlike products manufactured from composite aggregate mixes that may become exposed after a few years of trafficking. Natural stone paving is also frost-resistant. To ensure you get the most durable natural stone, it is important to choose a high quality natural stone manufacturer. Find one that offers products that have been ASTM tested in the USA. The ASTM testing covers areas such as water absorbency, flexural strength and frost resistance. Select a manufacturer whose products have been tested to show the various properties of each stone and how the stone is likely to behave and react under differ - ent circumstances. Recent tests include PSI (Compressive Strength ASTM C140-15), Absorption rate (ASTM C140-15) and Coefficient of Friction rate (ASTM C140-15). During a series of tests on the previously mentioned manufacturer's 1" Classics - toneā„¢ range, the average PSI, compression strength is 15,260. The absorption rate is very low for a paver at 1.2%, particularly apt for colder climates. The slip resistance, measured by the coefficient of friction, showed a scale of 1.46 in dry conditions and 0.94 in wet. An increasingly important consideration for end-users when choosing building ma - terials is a product's sustainability. For many, natural stone is considered the most sustainable building material on the market. This is because there is a vast resource of natural stone on earth and although its regeneration is not as readily visible as the Above Beyond paving for patios, natural stone is available in bullnose finish as well as chiseled, so it can be used for steps, re- taining wall caps, or pool coping. Addition- ally, the pavers can be recycled and used as reclaimed paving or aggregates. Getting It Naturally Right by Phil Beer, Operations Director, Natural Paving USA 8 LC DBM Top Because natural stone, such as the charcoal colored Classicstone used at this commercial site, is naturally sourced, two projects that use the same paver type and color will never look exactly the same. When ordering natural stone pavers for a project, plan ahead for future expansions and order a decent amount of overage: in a few years, the stone available for an expan- sion could look completely different than the original installation. HARDSCAPES Continued on page 10

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