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JAN 2018

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48 LC DBM Make It a No-Brainer to Respond Your body should have a definite, clear, easy to follow CTA – call to action. With so many employers begging for em - ployees (and applicants' reduced attention span), you don't want to be the company that makes applicants jump through too many hoops to apply. Make your 800# prominent, give them an easy hyperlink "click-HERE-to-apply" button. Make your online application thorough, but not too long. While most companies simply put the number or email address and expect readers to call – you need to tell them what to do. Another SCARY Fact The National Adult Literacy Survey shows that the av- erage adult in the U.S. reads at the 7th grade level, with nearly 50 percent below the 6th grade level and over 80 percent below the 10th grade level. So your body should make your CTA uber-simple, clear and easy. Read your ads with the eyes of a 3rd, 4th or 5th grade reading level. Are you crystal clear? "Pick up your phone and Call xxx-xxx-xxxx RIGHT NOW or click HERE to get your online application completed." Give the applicant easy-to-follow directions so that they don't hesitate to apply. Final Thoughts Your best chance at attracting and hiring good people is cutting through the noise and ensuring that your ads stand out from your competition. And don't forget that your "competition" isn't just other landscapers, it's anybody looking to hire people for physically- demanding jobs - manufacturers, municipalities, construction companies and many others. Use bold headlines, interesting copy and unconventional grammar to stand out. Make the ads about the applicant, not about your company. Make it easy for them to take action and respond. Combine all these techniques and watch the number and quality of your applicants soar. LC DBM Terry Delany is the "contractor's consultant." He has over two decades of experience in the landscape industry. He focuses on recruiting/hiring and building amazing company cultures., (479) 435-0973, Your Ads Must Convert Your headlines should use Peacock and Precision to stand out and get noticed. Now the rest of the copy – the body – must be engaging enough to keep them reading. With the fruit-fly attention span we're dealing with, shorter is typically better. Yet it's a balancing act. You want to give readers enough information to set the hook firmly in their mouth…but not bore them. The purpose of your body is to pique the readers' interest just enough, so they RESPOND. You're NOT trying to sell them or tell them your life's story. Your body needs to hold their attention and continue to speak to their wants and needs. Short, punchy, relevant copy works best here. Give them good, quick details about the opportunity you are extending to those few applicants that are best suited for the job. Go Ahead And Show 'em The MONEY! Something we've found that has yielded bet- ter ad response is showing your full pay range; your minimums up to your maximums, not just one typical pay rate, right there in the ad. It's good practice to go ahead and lay the pay sub - ject on the table and address it immediately. Even though pay is not necessarily a TOP priori - ty for most, it will come up in the conversation. We ran multiple tests and found that ads that show a full range of pay scored more replies. As long as applicants know that your pay is in their "range," that's usually enough to ease con - cerns and move the relationship along. There's always going to be the odd percentage that's ONLY after the top pay. Thankfully those are usually the ones you don't want.

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