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JAN 2018

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Above To find highly qualified employees, recruitment listings need to be strategically designed to really get noticed, by the right people, in today's disruptive and competi- tive job-hunting environment. C Choose Your Weapon Carefully Would you take a fishing rod into the woods to hunt a bear? Or would you load a slingshot with tootsie rolls to go deep- sea fishing? Of course not! Yet most land - scapers use the wrong "bait" to attract the right "critter." To make matters worse, there are more "hunters" out there trying to catch those good employees than ever before, while the pool of qualified applicants contin - ues to be bombarded with more and more "lures." Let's face it; people don't have the at - tention span they used to have. Research now tells us that the typical American's attention span is around eight seconds. That's literally the attention span of a goldfish. And there is more and more advertising and marketing and electronic gadgets eating into that eight seconds. Combine this with the fact that this same person is exposed to, on average, 5,000 or more marketing messages DAILY, and we're just getting started. If your "help-wanted" ads are weak, untargeted or look and sound the same as the rest, it's doubtful they will get no - ticed. What this means is you have to be different, out of the ordinary and often - times over the top – just to be seen. Find- ing exceptional employees starts with ap- plicants responding to your ads. Casting a Big Net vs. Small Net There are 2 basic types of ads: "Big Net" Ads - These drive more, yet generally less qualified num - bers of applicants. They are usually better at generating a higher vol- ume of applicants. "General laborers needed for landscaping company in Dallas-Fort Worth area." - broadly applicable to many people. "Small Net" Ads - These drive fewer, yet generally more qualified applicants because you are shrinking down the qualifiers for appli - cants to respond to. These Targeted ads have two subtypes: a) Specific "Landscape company needs employees who can work weekdays Monday through Friday in Fayetteville, NC." b) Micro - Smallest net and most specific. Usually an ad for 1 client. "Leading landscape maintenance company needs non-smoking employees Monday through Friday in southwest Atlanta who have a minimum of 1 year of experience with zero-turn mowers." These drive the fewest…yet likely most qualified applicants since you're uber-descriptive about the requirements. Specifics and de - tails are a better ally in grabbing attention than broad generalities. 46 LC DBM Attracting Better LANDSCAPE APPLICANTS by Terry Delany, Contracting Business Consultant This article was edited due to space limitations. The entire original article can be seen by visiting, article #29800.

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