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JAN 2018

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PHOTO: TORREY FERRELL 42 LC DBM Contractor: Progressive Landscape Design Designer: Jeff Allen Landscape Architecture Location: North Carolina Materials: Brick, bluestone coping, spheres were cast with pummeled marble, rock and resin. Dimensions: 6' to 8' tall x 38 lineal feet Crew Size/Project Length: 4 to 6 people/4 weeks Special Interest: The brick was embedded with sand to help match it to the brick on the house. The dol - phin fountain and shell are made from lead. Contractor: Confidence Landscaping Designer: Landfour Landscape Location: Georgia Materials: CMUs with smooth stucco finish Dimensions: 30" and 39" tall x 125 lineal feet Crew Size/Project Length: 3 people/14 days Special Interest: The walls are offset from each other with some controlled spillways for interest and succulent plantings. They were built on a spread footing, the top of which is 9" below finish grade. The slope's water table was problematic, as quite often a cut into the hillside would cause water to seep and fill the footing excava - tion. To address the drainage challenges, each section of wall was waterproofed and had a French drain with perforated pipe and MiraDRAIN 6000 installed. Creating the spillways while honoring the retention and drainage system was also tricky. The contractor used 12" double-wall HDPE corrugated pipe cut to 6" below retention height and ripped into semi-circles to match the angle of the intersecting walls. The spillways contain filter fabric jute stapled and keyed in at the top and bottom, a cactus succulent soil mix Napa rocks matching the boulders and dry stacked stone walls on the project. Contractor: Pillari, LLC Designer: Porcello Engineering Location: New Jersey Materials: 'Classic' blocks Dimensions: 75,000 sq. ft., approx., 90' total wall height Crew Size: 15 people Special Interest: A 4' round air duct with a concrete headwall serving as an air ventila - tion system for the underground parking garage was built into the block wall. The installers built the block walls up to either side of the duct to help form the sides of the headwall, then the bottom and sides of the headwall were formed and cast. The block walls were then built up to a point level with where the top of the headwall will be. A last headwall pour was cast to bring the headwall up level with the top block course. Right Left Left

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