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JAN 2018

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28 LC DBM or 48-volt. With a standard inverter, any motorized gate that runs on 110-volt house current can be operated with solar power, eliminating the expense of running power lines to the gate. Most such solar power systems can be paired with a cellular opening system. Note that solar latches require solenoid locks, the kind that require power only to open, as opposed to electromagnetic locks, which draw current continuously. In some applications, it is desirable to include technol - ogy that will prevent a gate from closing while a vehicle is traversing the opening. Miller Edge offers sensing edges that are used for gates as well as hundreds of other applica - tions. In most cases, such sensing edges are touch sensitive switches that send a signal to start, stop or reverse a motor, and possibly sound an alarm. There are also non-contact sys - tems that operate with infrared sensors (think of the "eyes" that open supermarket doors). Both choices can be added to automotive gates. Hydraulic self-closing hinges are getting more compact, so they can be installed on smaller gates, and more depend - >> It is recommended to use self-closing and self-latching mechanisms, both of which can be passive, with strong springs on the hinges and powerful magnets that require adult strength to unlatch. Keyless punch code entry pads, like those for house door latches are popular, and run on 9V batteries. More sophisticated latching options include cellular systems that allow the owner to visually check who wants pool entry, and some that sound an alarm when the gate is tampered with or opened. Pool safety gates have national guidelines but always check your local laws. Fence manufacturer Gilpin Inc., which offers a number of pool gate options that match their fencing, warn in their materials: "Code compliance is the responsibility of the installer." Check not just state, county, and city laws, but in some cases HOAs can have covenants that are stiffer than local laws. Pool safety guidelines and optional free annual "pool safety partnerships" are available at . Mention of such a partnership on your company website may help the decision making choice by prospective clients. Pool Safety Gates For your customers who would like a see-through pool enclo- sure for added safety, the Clear Fence Solution from National Metal Industries provides cost-efficient gates and fencing by incorporating lightweight, impact-resistant polymer panels (framed in aluminum) instead of glass panels. Above Vehicle recognition technology for automatically opening gates includes advanced lasers to read barcodes on cars traveling up to 25 mph, and license plate-reading cameras. The decreasing costs of reliable facial recognition, fingerprint sensing and iris scanning technologies increase their potential as everyday gate- activation methods. Left and Far Left Reflective fence inserts from Pexco are designed for chain link gates, as well as fences, to alert vehicular traffic of their presence, especially at night. They can also be used to create directional clues for drivers by installing them diagonally in the shape of arrows.

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