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JAN 2018

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January 2018 27 generating terms that include single slide or single action, versus dual slide and dual action. Special cases and security gates with triple action are available but are rarely required. In general, a single gate panel that swings or rolls is the least ex- pensive option. As for the opening/closing mecha- nisms, be they hinges or roll/slide/pivot hardware, and the securing mechanisms – these have the potential to be weak links in the fence system, and are subject to ongoing upgrades. Electric locks are solenoid or electro- magnetically operated. Solenoids open when the correct access code is received and the solenoid is given an electrical im- pulse to open. Electromagnetic locks stay closed until the correct code breaks the circuit and allows them to open. In both cases it is highly recommended to include a backup override option in case of power outage. In most cases, a mechanical met- al key is included as a fail-safe opener when power fails. Gate Innovations Electric locks have been around for a long time, but they are con - stantly upgraded to use less power while im - proving tamper-proof locking security. Gate opening intercom systems, which once relied on hardwired intercom lines or telephone landlines, now of course op - erate with cell phones. Some systems will ring as many as three telephone numbers to contact the owner when the entrant pushes the contact button. Commonly a cell phone app allows the owner to con - verse with the entrant, including both vocal and visual channels, and remotely key open the gate if desired. These sys - tems are popular because the client does not need to be at home to open the gate for deliveries. To date, few instances of hacking cellular gate systems have been reported. Note that such cellular tech - nology is fine in urban settings, but these systems are not optimal in locations with poor cellular coverage, requiring a satel - lite system instead. Solar power options for gate latching and opening are improving. Years ago, 12-volt was the standard for solar sys - tems, but today most systems are 24-volt Right With a standard invereter, any motorized gate equipment designed to operate on 110-volt house current can be powered with solar technology, which now comes in 24-volt and 48-volt systems instead of the 12-volt systems of the past. Above This gate is built with a wood composite material manufactured by Trex Company. It is stronger than vinyl, only a little heavier than wood but more dense, and as an engineered product, the installation process is straightfor- ward and consistent.

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