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NOV 2017

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Pushing the Limits with Fabulous Fire Pits By Kayli Hanley, Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply A Technology and customers' de- sires to have less traditional, more individualized outdoor living areas have led to the appearance of some very distinctive looking fire pits recently. Some come ready to install and others are designed and built by creative landscape profes- sionals working with industry sup- pliers for the various elements to produce one-of-a-kind fire features. Although any style of fire pit has the potential to brighten someone's home, some contractors are bend - ing the boundaries of traditional fire pits. Working with distributors, they are able to build artistic mas - terpieces that draw family and friends together—away from the noise of life and into a quiet place of medita - tion and togetherness. Following are four examples of this. Aesthetics Company: Paradise Restored Landscaping When functionality and natural beauty meet, fire- works happen. When Micah Dennis, president of Paradise Restored Landscaping, received an invitation to blend usage and aesthetics, he was all in. "The clients asked for a fire pit with a place to set their drinks down," Dennis said. "Their property is very naturalistic, and I wanted to create an organic shape to complement the landscape, but maximize its usability. We wanted it to look like the boulders were there and we built the fire pit around it." The pit runs 8 feet long by 5.5 feet wide by 14 inches deep. All of the main components were pur - chased from Ewing Irrigation and Landscape. About halfway down what would normally be the outside wall of the fire pit sits an additional ledge to set drinks on. Constructing it took extra thought and patience. "That ledge on the fire pit was not the natural size of a block," Dennis explained. "Every single block was hand cut to make the ledge fit together seamlessly." When standing in the living room or kitchen, the fire pit outside is the focal point. "When I build a fire pit, I want it to pull you out - side. Once you are outside, I want you to live in an outdoor area as if you were inside," Dennis said. The naturalistic shape and features of the pit helped to enhance the surrounding nature. "You just can't beat the shapes you find in nature," Dennis said. 18 LC DBM Contractors and Manufacturers Endeavor to Bring this Classic Feature into the Modern Age FIRE PITS Refashioned Refashioned (This article was edited due to space limitations and editorial considerations. The entire original article can be seen at: ) PHOTO: MICAH DENNIS

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