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MAY 2017

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Site Surfacing 72 LC DBM See ads on pages 75, 79 Information Request # 9146 Invisible Structures, Inc. 800-233-1510 Gravelpave2 porous gravel containment system is the easy way to provide a stable, paved surface. Gravelpave2 remains porous, provides a decorative surface, and looks great. Gravelpave2 is easy to install for trails, parking lots, access roads, and more. See ad on page 79 Information Request # 9313 Soil Retention Products, Inc. 800-346-7995 Drivable GrassĀ® can be used for a wide variety of applications; i.e. road shoulders, medians, turnarounds and swales, and is often used with dry infills like decomposed granite. Grates / Hidden Paver Covers Porous Pavement / Grids Information Request # 9414 Wundercovers Inc 775-400-2883 Decorative, bio-retention and mosquito vector control vents, drains, grates, and catch basin retrofits. TRUEGRID Pavers Information Request # 9415 Designed for moderate vehicular load and traffic as well as pedestrian and bike applications, TRUEGRID ECO is the toughest and most economical light load permeable paver available. Great for gravel or grass overflow parking lots, driveways, and many other paving applications. 713-715-1890 Presto Products Company Information Request # 9416 Design load-supporting grass fire lanes and auxiliary parking with high-strength GEOBLOCKĀ® porous pavements. GEOBLOCK grass pavers offer unparalleled load distribution, high resistance to torsional loading, and minimal base requirements. 800-548-3424

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