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MAY 2017

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148 LC DBM Irrigation/Plant Materials & Accessories Wetting Agents / Polymers Soil Amendments & Fertilizers See ads on pages 141, 151 Information Request # 9153 JRM Chemical, Inc. 800-962-4010 Reduce soil loss and erosion with JRM's linear anionic polymers. Full range of polymers in powders, tablets and emulsions. Approved and exceeds ANSI/NSF 60 standards for all site applications. Reduce soil, chemical and fertilizer loss and increase water infiltration. Full range of absorbent polymers for moisture retention. Mycorrhizal products for plant growth and establishment. See ads on pages 143, 151 Information Request # 9174 Live Earth Products, Inc. 435-286-2222 Humic Soil Conditioner is 100% Humic Shale ore, without fillers, binders or other additives. It can be safely applied at any time during the growing season without risk of burning. Additionally, the humic acid contained in our Soil Conditioner may increase the uptake of nutrients. Because it contains only aged ancient plant matter, it is safe for use around pets and children. See ad on page 141 Information Request # 9434 Agri-Turf Distributing, LLC 562-469-5818 Agri-Turf Distributing is an employee-owned supplier of specialty ag chemicals, fertilizer and equipment serving the California market- place. Established in 2013, the company serves professional applicators in the specialty markets including turf and ornamental, golf, and vegetation management. Wholesale Chemical Supply Plant Marvel Laboratories See ad on page 145 Information Request # 9435 Celebrating our 95th year, Plant Marvel Laboratories has proudly supplied the highest quality water soluble fertilizers to the turf and landscaping industries since 1922! Proudly Family Owned and Made in the USA. 708-757-7500 Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc. Information Request # 9436 MycoApply mycorrhizal inoculants reduce transplant shock & drought stress by expanding plant root mass, maximizing nutrient efficiency, & increasing plants' ability to access, utilize & store water. MycoApply remains the industry standard for professional mycorrhizal products. 866-476-7800 Continued on page 150

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