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MAR 2017

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36 LC DBM The landscape crew then took over from there; fastening heavy duty aluminum edging to the pad with stainless steel nails, laying down a one- inch sand setting bed, and then the pavers. SEK Surebond's PolySweep sand sealed and stabilized their joints. Travertine was the material selected for the deck of the pool that was built by Mid American Pools. The pavers came in four different sizes and were in - stalled in a French pattern. Indiana Limestone was used for the pool coping and for the paver borders around the deck and its decorative inlay. All of them sit on a base that is similar to that of the driveway. For the portion of deck along the back of the house, the drainage needed to be away from the house but also away from the pool, so a slight slope from the house to a slot drain was built in, as was a slope from the pool edge to the same discreet drain. On the opposite side of the pool, the deck slopes from the pool edge to another slot drain that runs along a back wall. All in all, an adept drainage solution for a very skillful and appealing installation. The Future – Parallel Expansion And what's up next for Two Brothers? Well first of all there is presently only one brother as Greg left the company, amicably, in 2010 to pursue a career in building bridges. (Mark wants him to return to the business and is hoping that when Greg sees that desire in print, it will help convince him to do so.) In the meantime, Mark Rhodus has started a separate entity called Perfect Paver Company that Left An inlay of the 'dawn mist' colored pavers, of which about 5,500 sq. ft. were used in total, was installed in the garage area. The drain was put in by the general contractor, Cedar Hill Custom Homes, which also handled the excavation and the installation of the aggregate base and the concrete pad for the driveway as well as the pool deck. (Continued on page 38) Launching a Hardscape Maintenance Company >> (Editor's note: Following up on the article in LC/DBM's February issue – "Adding Hardscape Maintenance to Your Business" – here is a real-life example.) Perfect Paver Company was started to help solve a problem Mark Rhodus' company was having. And that was: to compete against stamped concrete on larger price point bids, Rhodus factored in the application of a sealant that would make the pavers more maintenance-free, which is a big selling point of the concrete. Trouble was, you can't seal the finished job right away so the crew would move on to the next job and then have to return later to seal the old job, which was an inefficient business practice. So now with the new company, a separate crew is always available to seal Rhodus' project when the time comes, and works for other contractors in between. That is why a new company with a different name was warranted instead of just adding a crew to his company that only did sealing – so that other contractors did not feel that they were giving away work to a direct competitor.

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