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MAR 2017

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30 LC DBM Above At the homeowner's request, different pavers were used in the front and back, though accents from each yard are placed within the other. The oval planter serves two purposes. "The planter is giving some bal- ance between hardscape and landscape," explained Dan. "It's also a divider between the stairs and the driveway." Below & Inset The driveway was excavated a few inches deeper than the backyard, and has 6 inches of road base to accommodate vehicular traffic. A diamond made from the same style pavers found in the backyard is its centerpiece. "The customer wanted to bring something from the back to the front so everything ties together," said Dan. The diamond is positioned to the center of the garage door and the center of the upward slope. "We first paved the driveway with the desired pavers, then we marked where we wanted the diamond," he continued. "We cut the area, then installed it." Special Features In the backyard, a water feature was placed to break up the retaining wall. Its sides are wrapped in travertine, and the front is a mosaic travertine where the water de - scends. The same white cap that was used on the retain- ing wall also tops the water feature. The elevated patio in the backyard is home to a fire pit, built out of concrete masonry units with the golden honey veneer. The front yard is home to a new, oval-shaped planter between the driveway and the steps leading up to the house. "The planter gives some balance between hard - scape and landscape," said Dan. It was built in the same manner as the retaining wall, with concrete masonry units cut to the desired height and finished with the natu - ral stone veneer. A diamond marks the center of the driveway to break up the look of the pavers. The first step to creating the design was calculating where it should go and how big it should be. The diamond was centered to the garage door and centered on the slope of the driveway. (Continued on page 32)

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