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MAR 2017

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March 2017 29 Right The retaining wall starts in the backyard beyond the fire pit and undulates its way to the sidewalk in the front of the house, stretch- ing nearly 60 feet total. After building a flat wall of concrete masonry units, the team drew a line across the wall to indicate the fluctua- tions in height, going from six feet tall to just 18 inches. Once drawn, the line served as a guide to slice the top off. After the cuts were made, the masonry units were veneered with a combination of 'golden honey ledge' and 'golden white' natural stone veneer, and topped with a 'Granada white' colored cap. Left A water feature marks the center of the retaining wall. While it is topped with the same cap as the wall, the sides are wrapped with traver- tine. Water goes down over mosaic travertine on the front. "We built the wall straight, then drew on the wall how we wanted the curve, then sliced it," explained Dan. "It's much harder than it sounds." After the concrete masonry units were cut, the wall ranged from an 18-inch seatwall to its original six feet in height. The placement of the wall provided more space between the house and the property line than the original layout, expand - ing the useable yard. The backyard pavers were installed next, the fire pit area in 'Mega Lafitte' style pavers and the lower patio in 'Mega Arbel' style. Go Pavers used 4 inches of Class 2 road base underneath an inch of paving sand. The 80 mm pavers were placed on top of the sand, then polymeric sand was placed between the pavers. After compaction, the installation was complete. The driveway was installed in much the same way, with 'Lafitte' pavers used primarily over 6" of Class 2 road base to withstand vehicular traffic. 'Arbel' pavers provide an accent in the border and decorative diamond. After the paver installation was complete, the retaining wall was finished with a combination of 'golden honey ledge' and 'golden white' natural stone veneer. A 'Granada' white colored cap was used along the retaining wall. Going from wall to paving, from backyard to front yard, ensured that the new installation stayed clean while work was ongoing.

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