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NOV 2016

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Top: LightScape Designs originally took on this client about ten years ago to upgrade the deteriorating lighting that had been installed about five years prior. Over the course of three weeks, a team of five replaced much of the old lighting with LEDs. The homeowner specifically requested that the trees be a focal point; LightScape installed spotlights, well lights, and downlights in and around the dozens of trees on site to illuminate them, with the help of a lift where necessary. Bottom: Change is a constant on this property – and a constant challenge. Beyond that, the main difficulty was illuminating the sycamore trees in the center of the driveway to the owner's specifications. Sitka spotlights, tree-mounted downlights, and well lights with drop in LED bulbs all play a part in making the trees stand out. A team of three from LightScape regularly goes to the property to perform maintenance on the lighting and to update the design based on the owner's latest plant and decor acquisitions. Since the landscape is always changing, so is the lighting: it will never be truly finished. November 2016 33 nated with ten Cyclops mini integrated LEDs. First generation bollards, which the manufacturer no longer produces, line the paths throughout the yard. The primary focus, however, is the trees. Twenty high-power Sitka spot- lights illuminate the large sycamores and Canary palms located around the property. Six Telluride integrated LEDs, each 12 watts, were installed on the large ficus. Twenty well lights further illuminate the trees from their position in the lawn: here, they can be mowed around without affecting the adjust - ment on the fixtures. Thirty tree-mounted downlights with various watt- ages and beam spreads were placed on the large sycamore in the center of the driveway, as well as on various other trees on the property and in the rose garden. Finally, about 150 spotlights with 3 to 8 watt ranges were placed all over the property to highlight everything from small plants to large queen palms. Following the constantly changing landscape, the next biggest challenge in maintaining the lights is keeping the lighting of the entryway and the syca- more tree as beautiful and dramatic as the owner would like it to be. The LightScape crew needed a lift to install those lights initially, and they some- times bring one in for their scheduled maintenance. With a landscape as grand and flexible as this, the homeowner's pride and desire to show it off are rightly placed. Though the lighting is never finished, Geier and his team at LightScape Designs continue to meet the owner's stan- dards: clearly, they are the right team for the job. DBM LC

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