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NOV 2016

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Masterpieces Above: Imagine Lighting Company, San Pedro, Calif., revamped the entire outdoor lighting system for a sprawling estate in Pacific Palisades, Calif., using exclusively CAST Lighting fixtures and Brilliance LED lamps. Nearly 500 fixtures were removed from the 5.5- acre property, and then nearly 600 new lighting fixtures were installed. The trees in the back of this photo are lit with MR-16 bullets, set on 24-inch risers. The trees in the side yard are lit with well lights, with 6-, 9- and 12-watt LED lamps. Wattages depended on tree density and size. The steps are moonlighted with tree lights from the adjacent trees. The grass area is illuminated with 42 tree lights, mainly 4-watt. Matching fixtures were used to light the large stones on each side of the steps. Small China Hat path lights are on each side of the bottom steps. November 2016 21 California Gleaming Masterpieces By Michael Miyamoto, LC/DBM PHOTOS: CHRIS VALLE PHOTOGRAPHY When a Southern California couple wanted to upgrade the outdoor lighting system for their sprawling estate, it turned out to be a monumental, involved project for a lighting firm based in nearby San Pedro. At first, the homeowners consulted with a home automation company, Smart Homes, because they wanted to fully automate their house and grounds. The Smart Homes rep- resentative then recommended and asked Anthony Bogdanovich, president and lead designer for Imagine Lighting Company, to revamp the outdoor lighting network. And what a job it turned out to be, as nearly 500 fixtures were removed from the 5.5-acre estate, and replaced with a complex labyrinth of nearly 600 new fixtures to complete the overhaul. "They (the clients) had a mix of 120- and 12-volt lights, metal halide, halogen and LED fixtures all installed in a nonsensical manner," Bogdanovich said. "Besides the horrendous differences in color temperature, the glare is- sue was unbearable and completely blinding." At the same time, the homeowners are phi- lanthropists who frequently entertain guests, and quickly realized that their current system was poor and needed to be refurbished. "They wanted their lighting to bring out the estate's many beautiful features, while making good use of the extreme amount of open space during the evening hours," he said. CAST Lighting fixtures were used exclu- sively for this project, because their bronze finishes complement the stone features in many parts of the property and resist saltwa- ter corrosion. The estate is in Pacific Palisades near the coast. A multitude of fixtures were used, from MR-16 directional lights to well lights and washers. Each fixture was chosen for a specific function that together created a well-balanced lighting presentation. LED lamps from Brilliance LED were also used exclusively because of their wide range of beam angles and lumen output needed for the best effects, Bogdanovich said. "A significant amount of moonlighting was used to highlight the long driveway and backyard lawn," the lead designer said. "The home sits in a canyon with the mountainside as a backdrop that gave us the opportunity to highlight the massive trees along the hillside defining the property and layering light be- tween the mountain and sky." The lighting firm completed all the trench - ing, wiring and fixture installation. Besides (Continued on bottom of page 22)

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