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NOV 2016

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Masterpieces When the owners of a 1.5-acre homestead in Rydal, Penn., wanted to highlight their beautiful landscape with an elaborate light- ing system, they called on Andy Sykes and his company, Garrett Churchill Inc. Sykes and his crew installed nearly 100 light fixtures in all, and now his clients have the luxury of enjoying the outdoor beauty of their home at night as well as during the day. "Our client wanted to highlight the beau - tiful plantings on the property and create more of a sense of arrival when you pulled into this beautiful home," said Sykes, CLP, PCH. "This was our largest lighting job to date." Garrett Churchill, started in 1999, is a full service landscape company, excluding irri - gation services and large tree work. Its ser- vices include design and installation of light- ing, planting, and hardscapes such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, etc. "We do drainage work, water features, custom fencing, maintenance work, and some other oddball things for clients," said Sykes, who is the owner and presi- dent of the company, which employs be- tween nine and 11 people, depending on the season. Six low-voltage transformers and 93 light fixtures from the same company were in- stalled on this estate. The bulk of the fix- tures are MR-16 and MR-11 bullets, with a few path lights, wall wash fixtures and well lights. On the grounds are four very large syca- more trees along the driveway — three are at the entrance and one more is near the garage. There are also several Kousa dog- wood and Atlas cedar trees on the estate. For most of the trees, including all of the mas- sive sycamores, Sykes installed either three or four ground-mounted uplights, three or four tree-mounted lights approximately 30 feet in the air to illuminate the canopies, and two or three downlights to showcase their trunks and wash the ground with light. Sykes said the newest lighting products feature marine-grade, o-ring connections, with no wire nuts or heat shrunk crimp connections. Also, some of these lamps can change to 15-, 30- or 55-degree beam spreads because they have three different optics. All tree-mounted fixtures were secured with two stainless steel hanger bolts offset from each tree, to allow for tree growth. All the wires were secured to the trees with stainless Above: Garrett Churchill Inc., of Willow Grove, Penn., installed nearly 100 light fixtures as part of an outdoor lighting system for this 1.5-acre estate. Andy Sykes, CLP, PCH and president and owner of the company, said it was his largest lighting job to date. His client, in nearby Rydal, Penn., "wanted to highlight the beautiful plantings on the property and create more of a sense of arrival when you pulled into this beautiful home," Sykes said. He used mostly MR-16 and MR-11 bullet lights. The sycamore tree on the right is uplit with three MR-16 ground fixtures, four MR-16 tree mounted lights, and three MR-16 tree mounted downlights. The two larger trees on the left, Kousa dogwoods, are uplit with three MR-11 bullets. 20 LC DBM Pennsylvania Paradise Tree Canopy PHOTOS: FELICIA MARIAH PHOTOGRAPHY (Continued on top of page 22)

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