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6 LC DBM Welcome to 2016 Happy New Year! While for me it is still a bit before Christmas, by the time you read this 2016 will be in full swing. By all accounts it is going to be a doozy of a year. By now, El Niño should be drenching the West, relieving a great deal of the drought that has plagued the region. Hopefully the mountains are full of snow, and hopefully I've been able to take full advantage of one of the better ski seasons in recent memory. Out there on the East Coast, the winter run on Hawaiian shirts is most likely over, as sooner or later it will be getting cold again. With a 70+ degree Christmas in D.C., maybe now you all know how we Southern Californians feel as we trudge through winter after winter of sunshine and temperate weather. Wasn't it just last year that record snowfall was covering up half the nation? There is no doubt that cli- mate change is coming. I just can't wait to see which way it goes next year . . . They say this year's El Niño is going to be a strong one, but only time will tell. I remember back in 68-69 . . . That's 1968 . . . When it rained so hard here in SoCal that as a 10-year-old I was throwing sand bags onto the Santa Ana River bank to keep the waters from flooding our Costa Mesa home. Houses were being swept away in the canyons, as it seemed to rain for a couple of months without letup. By the end of the rain that same river, which only a few months earlier had been a 40-foot-deep channel built above grade and lined with lizard-trapping boulders, was now a river of silt. The boulders had mostly washed away and the river bottom was now elevated almost 30 feet, making the channel only about 10 feet deep, but 30 feet above grade. Today it is back to being a 40-foot-deep channel, but now it is com- pletely contained by vertical concrete walls. But that was history and today is today, and this today is in the year of our Lord 2016 and, like I said, it is already shaping up to be a doozy of a year. This is an election year, so mixed with El Niño there should be a ton of mud slinging. Partisan politics will be the norm, as will the assault on PC, as Trump tries to trump the field and Yale looks to ban the First Amendment and join the rest of the colleges across the country in raising kids whose emotions just must be understood. I wonder whom Nicki Minaj is voting for? The good news is the construction industry looks like it will weather the storm, and the landscape industry will enjoy a prosperous year. To start with, as mentioned above, the Northeast may already be enjoying swimming pool weather, bringing an early start to the construction cycle, and in the West, there may be just enough water to plant a seed or two of . . . What's that called . . . Oh yeah . . . . Grass. So yep . . . 2016 is shaping up to be a doozy of a year all right. A year that, despite all the finger point- ing and yelling that will be flooding our cable waves, should produce a storm of activity in the landscape industry, raining down projects from coast to coast. So gear up, lean forward, and get ready to ride the rapids . . . 2016 is going to be a doozy of a year . . . God Bless . . . Find Us Online: @LandscapeComm @landscapeonline George Schmok, Publisher DBM LC Find Us Online: @LandscapeComm @landscapeonline George Schmok Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Mike Dahl Editor Alli Martin Assistant Editor Michael Miyamoto Assistant Editor Larry Shield Product Editor Editorial Contributors Lindsey O'Connor, Matilyn Ozment, Redi-Rock International; Melissa Johnson, Rosetta Hardscapes; Cindy Lopez, Go Pavers; Ketti Kupper; Ketti Kupper Conscious Life Design; Robert Foster, Robert H. Foster Consultants; Sylvia Leonard, JTM Landscaping & Contractors; Ron Wellander Landscape Architect; Crystal Hopkins, Jay McKinnon Company; Bryon Meyer, Land Mechanics; David Lightfoot, David Lightfoot Landscape; Debbie Gliksman, Urban Oasis Landscape Design; Francisco Sierra; Jeremy Dean, Eastern Wholesale Fence Co. Inc.; John Carroll, BankSavers; Steffanie Sanchez, USA Vinyl LLC; A.J. Vanegas, Urban Rooftops; Jeff Fenner, B Communications Associate Editors Erosion Russ Adsit, FASLA Executive Director, IECA Horticulture Lori Pullman Ornamental Horticulture, Orange Coast College Irrigation Dennis Pittenger Area Environmental Horticulturist, University of California, Riverside Pesticides James A. Bethke Nursery and Floriculture Advisor, University of California Art Director Nicole Miller Graphic Designer Matthew Medeiros Ad Coordinator Oliver Calonzo Advertising/Marketing 714-979-LASN (5276) x113 • 714-979-3543 (Fax) Print Advertising Sales Matt Henderson Kip Ongstad Kevin Whitehead Landscape Communications, Inc. Chief Operations Officer C.O.O. Mark O'Halloran Sales Administration Cynthia McCarthy IT Department Web / Tech Manager Jerry Short Event Production Amy Deane Event Specialist Margot Boyer Trade Show Sales Nathan Schmok Statistics Eric Dixon Circulation / Fulfillment Likkien Ralpho Ana Linares Kosol Chim Inventory/Fullfilments Javier Miranda D E S I G N • B U I L D • M A I N T A I N • S U P P L Y Equipping Landscape Professionals for Success w w Volume 19, No. 01 • Hebrews 13:5 … Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." 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