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JAN 2016

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January 2016 35 terlocks. It gives you flexibility to incorporate the natural curvature of the shore," Searle said. To install the new wall, the crew from Kel-Greg Enterprises Ltd. removed the old stonewall, in- stalled the new wall further back on the property, then used the original stones as toe protection in front of the face of the new wall. "There's some wave action against the base of the wall that could cause toe scouring, and we wanted to prevent that," Searle said. The crew was able to install the entire project from the shore during the low flow period (June-September) without staging any material or equipment below the ordinary high water mark. The Outcome The project included 350 retaining wall blocks equaling approximately 2,000 square feet (185.8 square meters), plus 72 caps. The new wall stands about one foot (.3 meters) taller than the previous wall to give the home a little more protection. "We've had the wall for two to three years now, and it's held up really well," Fisher said. "The ice just crashes against it in the spring when it's thaw- ing, and the blocks all still look great." In addition to shoreline protection, this proj- ect also included a boat launch incorporated with the wall. "It's the only one I've seen like it on the lake," Searle said. "That made it a bit unique." The Fishers were so happy with the results of the wall that they've since expanded it. This proj- ect was the recipient in 2013 of the "Residential Wall of the Year" in the Rocky Awards, an annual honor recognizing the best projects from around the world completed with the manufacturer's products. Top: Sitework and excavation company Kel-Greg Enterprises of Elmsdale, Nova Scotia set approximately 2,000 square feet of blocks with the help of two excavators and a skid steer loader. Because of the way the precast segmental retaining wall system interlocks, the installers were able to follow the curvature of the shoreline. The stones from the original wall, which had to be removed, were placed in front of the face of the new wall to help prevent toe scouring. Middle & Insets: The blocks come in a variety of face molds, each with 5.75 square feet of face area. The manufacturer states that they can be installed in such a way as to have up to 115 square feet of non- repeating patterns. PHOTO: (MIDDLE AND BOTTOM) MATILYN OZMENT/REDI-ROCK INTERENATIONAL Bottom: To provide access to the water, a smaller retaining wall with steps on one side of the house was built. The steps are the same product as the caps, of which there were 72, all weighing 665 pounds, which the manufacturer compares to the weight of two Sumo wrestlers. DBM LC

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