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JAN 2016

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The Challenge It's hard to imagine dealing with waves lapping at a home's door, but in 2012, that's exactly the situation this Nova Scotia family found themselves in. "As teenagers, my husband and I dated here on the old rock wall. It used to be a camp," explained homeowner Heather Fisher. "We al- ways said we'd like to own this property someday. Long story short, we bought the property and the wall always held back the water. But then a few years ago, the wall came down in a storm and the water came right up to our doorstep. We had to use sand bags and every- thing to try to keep the water out." The house is located on an exposed point on the shore of Shube- nacadie Grand Lake. "It's a large inland lake by Nova Scotia stan- dards," explained George Searle of Searle Environmental Services Limited. "They had what I would call the 'perfect storm' - extreme high water levels and strong winds for a long period of time. This destroyed the hand-built rock wall that had been in place there for years, and it also eroded the shoreline. The waves were breaking all the way up to the front door threshold." The Solution When the Fishers initially consulted with Searle, they wanted an- other natural stone wall installed. "He recommended that we not go that route though. We're out on a peninsula and when we get a Nor'easter, it really hits the shore hard." Searle recommended a precast block retaining wall as a solution. "Our firm had great results at another shorefront property on the same lake a few years previous, so we had no hesitation in designing a protection system for them." Searle designed the wall as a gravity structure, which relies on the sheer mass of the one-ton blocks to retain the soil. "We selected Redi-Rock for the weight and ballast they have. It is more than sufficient to deal with the wave energy here," said Searle. "There are a lot of worse cases in coastal situations in Nova Scotia, but it's amazing the shoreline damage that can occur when you get a perfect storm on an inland lake like this." The manufactured product is a precast segmental retaining wall system, which allowed Searle to design the wall to follow the natural shoreline. "We were able to do this because of the way the system in- Above: At this residence on Shubenacadie Grand Lake in Nova Scotia, the demise of a hand-built rock wall by high water levels and strong winds over a long period of time led the homeowners to search for a better alternative. George Searle of Searle Environmental Services Limited engineered a gravity structure comprised of 350 Redi-Rock retaining wall blocks that rely on their sheer mass to retain the ground and protect the property from encroaching water. Faced with a ledgestone texture, each one was 41"-deep, in a variety of heights and widths, but all weighing over a ton. The footing for the wall was a leveling pad of crushed rock followed by a base course. PHOTO: (ABOVE AND TOP OF FOLLOWING PAGE) DURACAST Shoreline Wall Saves Family's Dream Home By Lindsey O'Connor / Redi-Rock International 34 LC DBM

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