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JAN 2016

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January 2016 29 I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 5 0 7 Racking: The fence rails follow the slope of the terrain. When the slope is 10 de- grees (a 2-inch-rise in terrain per foot) or more, the rail holes will have to be enlarged slightly, and rails and pickets will have to be mitered, to allow for the angle. Also, the posts must be closer together to attain even picket spacing at the ends of fence sections. To determine the slope of the line, first cal- culate the angle, or the rise/foot, of a section by stringing a level line between two pieces of wood stuck vertically into the post-hole marks. Measure the vertical rise in inches then divide this by the length, in inches, of the section to get the rise per inch. To determine the rise/foot, multiply by 12. Other tips from this manufacturer include: When cutting rails for short sections or gates, measure rails from the center and trim both ends. When assembling the components, avoid excessive force, particularly over-tightening screws. And always drill 1/8-inch pilot holes for #8 screws. Gate hinge and latch posts as well as end posts can be solidified by using an aluminum gate post stiffener inside each post. For more information, find these LC/DBM advertisers in Marketplace or at - CertainTeed - Hometown Vinyl products/vinyl-fence/ - Illusions Vinyl Fence http://www.illusions- - Privacy Link - Weatherables® by USA Vinyl http://www. To meet ASTM's standard of quality for exterior vinyl (ASTM F964-13), the PVC compound has to be able to maintain uniform color and be free of any peeling, chipping, cracking, flaking, or pitting after weathering in hot, dry climates such as Phoenix, in hot humid climates such as Miami, and in temperate northern climates. According to CertainTeed, their Bufftech vinyl fences are installed in cold northern climates such as Alaska and will not break unless subjected to unusual impact. DBM LC Besides a variety of vinyl fence styles, one of which is pictured, PrivacyLink offers a composite, vinyl and wood fence alternative. PHOTO: PRIVACYLINK

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