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JAN 2016

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Left: Mega Bergerac pavers were used for the 110' of pool coping, and for the borders of the slab pavers on the pool deck and backyard patio. For the pool installation, the homeowners hired a pool contractor and asked Go Pavers to perform what they call a "demo pull off." This means that the team demolished and excavated the dirt from the property, leaving the contractor free to install the pool. After the pool was completed, Go Pavers was able to install the surrounding hardscapes following ICPI installation procedures. After excavation, 3"-4" of class 2 road base was installed, followed by the drainage system. The base was then compacted and about 1" of bedding sand put in. The paving stones themselves were then installed and compacted. Finally, polymeric joint sand was added and sealer applied. Right: Wall blocks were used to construct the outdoor kitchen area, which includes a stainless steel barbecue and sink. The veneer stones complement the natural look of the patio pavers. The entire project, excluding the demo pull off, took three weeks to complete, and included the installation of 3,400 square feet of pavers. 18 LC DBM were constructed with 'Weston' wall stones. The design team chose 'Toscana' and 'Bella' colors for the pavers, as they complemented the color scheme of the rest of the property. This custom designed com- bination of paver styles and colors best fit the overall aesthetic of the home. The total area of the pavers spans approximately 3,400 square feet, which includes the backyard patio, pool deck and front walkway. The installed amenities create an outdoor living space complete with a fire pit and barbecue. For these additional installations, the Go Pav- ers team used the same paver types used for the backyard, pool patio and front walkway installations. This creates aesthetic continuity, in- tegrating permanent pavers amenities into the outdoor living space. The 110 linear feet of pool coping was done with 'Mega Bergerac' pavers. For the fire pit and barbecue they used 'Weston' wall blocks. The front yard pilasters were done with veneer stone and caps. In their projects, Go Pavers aims to create hardscaping that can be complemented with plants and additional landscaping. In this case, after the completion of the paver installation, the homeowners in- stalled grass and drought tolerant plants in their front yard. They also used rocks to accentuate their new front yard's combination of hard - scaping and landscaping. In the newly hardscaped backyard, which includes a barbecue grill and stainless steel sink, the homeowners furnished their outdoor living area with a brand new set of furniture, including lounge chairs, a couch and dinner table with a sun um- brella. They brought in pool chairs to relax on their newly installed pool patio. Go Pavers' ICPI certified project manager Kobi D. oversaw this paver installation project from pre-installation planning, to the placement of the last stones and everything in between. With no preexisting hardscaping or landscaping, it can be a challenge for an owner to pick out the pavers that best fit their desired style and bud - get. Kobi D. helped these homeowners choose pavers that would give them the design they were looking to achieve with their new home. This project was a chance to execute a beautiful, varied, paver installation from scratch. Go Pavers completed every aspect of the hardscapes, and the homeowners have expressed much satisfaction. DBM LC (Continued from page 16)

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