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JUN 2014

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40 LC DBM Demolition The project began with the removal of the existing landscape ma- terial. Much of the backyard was overgrown, and many trees were dead and damaged due to drainage issues. A small concrete patio on the side was the only outdoor living space, and the area that would become the back patio had not been maintained for more than two decades. The backyard had to be completed from back to front to allow crews and equipment to access the different build areas, and the ter- race and patio had to be complete before the stream and waterfalls could be installed. The water feature largely dictated the grading in the backyard, and workers removed more than 20 trees, 50 yards of concrete and 100 yards of soil in total. Equipment used during con- struction included a dump truck, kanga loader, mini excavator, skid steer, partner saws and jumping jacks. Installation The front walk and base landscape around the house was part of the first construction phase, as was the removal and replacement of the driveway. Work in the backyard began with the terrace patio and water feature. The customer loved the work and wanted to do more before initial construction was finished, which led to a new paver boardwalk, sitting patio and lakefront makeover that tied in with the landscape. More than 180 tons of crushed limestone supports approximately 5,000 square feet of pavers throughout the property. Several box- woods were used to create hedges, and PJM rhododendrons form a flowering hedge in the spring. For seasonal color and fragrances, knockout roses and 'Miss Kim' lilacs were also installed. Hardwood bark mulch was added to the planting beds. During the course of the job, a storm washed out the streambed, requiring the addition of a Above: The backyard of a lakefront residence in Medina, Ohio, was converted from an untended hillside covered in dying trees to a series of tiered patios with gathering spaces, a fireplace, a 100-foot cascading water feature and a riverfront walkway loaded with additional amenities. Medina Magic Ohio Lakefront Living n e n t h u s i a s t i c h o m e o w n e r i n M e d i n a , O h i o , d e c i d e d t o e x p a n d o n a n e x t e r i o r r e n o v a t i o n a n d r e m a k e a l a r g e s e c t i o n o f u n u s e d , w o o d e d b a c k y a r d . J T S L a n d s c a p i n g , a S e v i l l e , O h i o - b a s e d f i r m , w a s e n l i s t e d b y t h e l a n d s c a p e d e s i g n e r t o c o n v e r t t h e b a c k y a r d i n t o a s e r i e s o f t i e r e d p a t i o s , w h i c h u l t i m a t e l y i n c l u d e d a f i r e p l a c e , g a t h e r i n g a r e a s , a r i v e r f r o n t w a l k w a y a n d a 1 0 0 - f o o t w a t e r f e a t u r e . By Kyle Cavaness, LC/DBM 040-041.indd 40 5/22/14 2:32 PM

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