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APR 2014

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April 2014 39 Investing in Human Capital Whether you plan to add crewmembers this summer or sometime down the road, hiring the right individuals and effectively managing them is critical to the success of your business. Here is some advice from employee relationship experts on hiring and keeping workers. Kim Seeling Smith, an international human resources professional, lists Correct Hiring as one of her "5 C's to Recruit, Engage and Retain Staff." Her advice to managers includes: Barry Banther, the CEO of Banther Con- sulting, a company that advises Fortune 100 frms, recommends that bosses should encourage feedback from employees because "trust is built upon a transparency that refects a freedom to speak and to be heard." He lists three skills that are essential to get- ting consistent and candid feedback: To successfully navigate confict in the workplace, Tomás Garza, a confict resolu- tion specialist, says managers must be able to confront team members in a positive, productive manner. His tips include: Experience is far less important than agility and the ability to learn and adapt. Ask interview questions that have to be answered with past examples of dealing with real-world scenarios. Hire for both culture ft and competencies. Stop, drop, and listen. When an associate is talking with you, don't be multitasking. Stop whatever you are doing and listen. Suspend judgment. Learn to hold back on your frst response and make no judgment until you have exhausted your conversation with this associate. Search deeper. Ask questions to get more detail about what the person is trying to convey. Use non-accusatory language. Be clear on what you heard or saw, and your expectations. Give the other person the chance to be heard. 038-039.indd 39 3/28/14 1:23 PM

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