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APR 2014

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Top, Left: At the Governor Thomas Bennett House in Charleston, S.C., the existing outdoor lighting system was not adequately capturing the splendor of the extensive garden, and needed a restoration. Moonlighting Landscape Lighting was contracted to design and install a new system. The Charleston company used some of the existing fixtures, added others, and outfitted them all with energy-efficient and maintenance-reducing LED lamps. Here, six crape myrtle trees are uplit by four existing fixtures in between the trees and one fixture directly in the middle with the intent of lighting the canopy as a whole. The front two crape myrtles and the rear two crape myrtles are also downlit. The up lights have Dauer 5-watt, 40-degree-spread lamps. The down lights are Vista fixtures with 4-watt, 60-degree- spread lamps. Top & Bottom, Right: The ivy-covered wall is washed with Universal fixtures with 2.4-watt LEDs. The crape myrtle (left) is up and downlit with the existing fixture lamped with a 5-watt LED (30 degree spread), and a Vista downlight fixture with a Brilliance 4-watt LED (60-degree spread). The fig tree (right) is downlit with a single 4-watt LED (60-degree spread). The house is lit with three existing fixtures, relamped with 4-watt LEDs (40-degree spreads). April 2014 31 oak trees and palm trees, lush crape myrtles, and Japanese maples. Another emphasis in the design was circula- tion. While aesthetic lighting is pleasing to the eye, it was also very important to include circula- tion lighting so that patrons of the Thomas Ben- nett House could safely navigate the well-traveled garden during evening events. To help manage project costs, Moonlighting elected to re-use some of the existing fixtures, while adding many new fixtures that would all serve specific purposes. These fixtures were origi- nally mounted with shallow stakes that were not designed to withstand any kind of foot traffic or contact, thus causing them to be knocked over. As Moonlighting incorporated the fixtures into their design, we custom-mounted them to hold the fixtures in place and prevent them from being knocked out of position. The intent is to transi- tion over time from these older fixtures to ones that Moonlighting prefers. 030-033.indd 31 3/27/14 9:24 AM

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