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APR 2014

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round brass LED fixtures (Aurora) every 12 feet along the natural stone wall, illuminat- ing the wall for aesthetics and providing a safe path for the client to walk to and from the docks at night. The fixtures project down the wall and out into the water for lake vis- ibility. The trees were uplit with copper spots, and select locations on the walks, pa- tio areas and landscaping were highlighted with down-lights to make the features of the landscape visible. Adding More Sparkle The other area of focus was the illumina- tion of both docks. McKay's team added the same brass LED fixtures under the dock on the inside, illuminating the water and the in- terior of the boat ramps so the homeowners or visitors can guide their boats into the ramp at night. Two-inch stainless steel dock lights (Hunza) in the corners of the dock define the wood surfaces. The crew placed path lights in the landscape to identify walkways to and from the house, around natural stone steps and flagstone pathways. The transformers were concealed in ipe wood columns on the docks, which double as a location for speakers. The same round brass fixtures were installed under column caps to illuminate the columns, and McKay added copper seat wall lights (Hadco) under the dock steps that lead up to the natural stone pathways. All 137 landscape and area lights are tied together and are controlled by photo- cells and timers. Switches can also control the dock and lake wall fixtures, and one master switch at the house turns them on or off. "The owners had never used the property much at night, but now they do and love it," said Toby Paul, the project's lead architect. "The project's ironwood docks hover and the limestone seawalls glow [above] pools of shimmering water." Above, Right: The lighting team used an angle grinder to create a flat surface for mounting the wall fixtures. A hammer drill penetrated the limestone slabs, creating holes as deep as three feet so wires could be threaded through to connections in the back of the wall. DBM LC April 2014 25 Fixture Mfr./Lamp Type* Wattage Quantity Dock Directional Lights Hunza/MR-11 20 5 Down Lights Lumiere/MR-16 20 13 Lake Wall Lights Aurora/LED 1.25 41 Microfloods Kim/G6.35 Bi-pin 20 10 Path Lights Aurora/G4 Bi-pin 20 28 Seat Wall Lights Hadco/T3 Wedge base 10 9 Spots/Up Lights Aurora/MR-16 20, 35 31 Total: 137 Transformers Vista 300 3 900 1 *All lamps manufactured by USHIO 1200 1 I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 5 5 8 022-025.indd 25 3/27/14 1:11 PM

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