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APR 2014

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22 LC DBM A spectacular vacation home on Beaver Lake, Neb., needed an overhaul to turn the backyard into a proper getaway destination for the homeowners. McKay Landscape Lighting, Inc., which had reno- vated the client's home lighting system (not the same client in the following story) worked alongside the landscape designer, architect and home remodeler to transform this countryside retreat. McKay was asked to craft a lighting plan to complement the land- scape designer's vision for the property. The renovation required the removal of two white vinyl docks, which were replaced by two new docks with ipe wood decking, one for swimming and entertaining and another for boats. A white vinyl sea wall was also removed and replaced with a natural stone retaining wall more than 200 feet long, comprised of large limestone slabs 4-5 feet long, 2-3 feet deep, 12-14 inches thick and four slabs tall. The outdoor lighting covered all of the home's new exteriors, from the outside of the residence to the boathouse, seawall, outdoor firepit, docks, trees and vegetation. Getting It Wired After the natural stone sea wall was installed in the fall of 2012, installation of the landscape lighting took a three-man crew about 60 days to complete. The bulk of the construction was scheduled in two phases; in the winter of 2013, McKay installed the sea wall lights when the water level of the lake was low and frozen. The area and dock lights were installed in the spring of 2013, after the docks were S hine By Kyle Cavaness LC/DBM Editor Beaver Lake McKay Landscape Lighting Reveals Its Range h o u g h N e b r a s k a c a l l s t o m i n d t h e r o l l i n g e x p a n s e o f t h e G r e a t P l a i n s , t h e C o r n h u s k e r S t a t e i s h o m e t o t w o s i z a b l e m e t r o p o l i t a n a r e a s , L i n c o l n a n d O m a h a . T h e l a t t e r i s t h e b a s e o f o p e r a t i o n s f o r M c K a y L a n d s c a p e L i g h t i n g , I n c . , w h i c h c r e a t e s n i g h t s c a p e s f o r u r b a n d w e l l e r s a n d r u r a l r e s i d e n c e s a l i k e , a s t h e c a p t i v a t i n g i n s t a l l a t i o n s i n t h e n e x t t w o s t o r i e s b r i n g t o l i g h t . Town & Country 022-025.indd 22 3/27/14 1:11 PM

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