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MAR 2014

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March 2014 61 I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 5 5 0 I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 4 2 0 Pesticide Releases BioSafe Systems recently announced a com- plete retail pond and garden line approved for sale in California. With approval, the products are obtainable nationally. Their GreenClean pond line has grown over the last fve years to include biodegradable granular, liquid, and tablet algae- cides, benefcial bacteria, and pH adjusters. St. Gabriel Organics' new products include Ant Killer indoor/outdoor ant killer spray, and BurnOut II organic weed and grass killer spray. Ant Killer repels and disrupts ants' ability to follow a pheromone trail to food sources. BurnOut II is made from food grade in- gredients including clove oil and citric acid, and is certi- fed organic by the Organic Materials Review Institute. Neither product requires certifcation to be applied. FMC Corp. introduced Triple Crown® Golf Insec- ticide, a three-way combination of FMC bifenthrin, FMC zeta-cypermethrin and imidacloprid, offering multiple modes of action on key pests including ar- myworms, cutworms, sod webworms, grubs (masked chafer, European chafer), chinch bugs, annual bluegrass weevils, billbugs, mole crickets, and more. Available in a suspo- emulsion formulation, it works through contact, translaminar and systemic activity. 060-061.indd 61 3/3/14 11:07 AM

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