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MAR 2014

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58 LC DBM I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 5 5 9 The importance of trees in a living landscape cannot be overstated. Much of the surrounding greenery depends on them, because trees offer shade and protection, not to mention being homes, shelter and food to birds and animals that beneft your customer's ecosystem. Trees TOP in Consequence Taking the Temperature of Growth New Homes for Mature Trees According to the city of Chandler, Arizona's Water Conservation Program, trees deserve priority when it comes to water and all other mainte- nance. If trees are lost, it increases the surround- ing temperature. They are also expensive to replace. A lack of maintenance may not kill a tree out- right but it could set it up for more serious diseases or insect infestations in following years. As reported in Science Daily, a new study found that temperature is the most important factor in determining how high a tree will grow. Not how warm or cold the temperature is, but how much it varies. The tallest specimens of the world's nine tallest tree spe- cies were found to grow in climates with an unusually small sea- sonal temperature variation, regardless of their distance from the equator, altitude above sea level and distance from each other. An underground framework that provides soil access to support long-term tree growth allows for the planting of mature trees where there is limited space due to paving, according to DeepRoot, the maker of the Silva Cell. City offcials and developers across Texas are counting on this technology to create green areas, which they hope will attract new business. Five of these installations have already been completed in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Fort Worth, and more are in the pipeline for 2014. Getting to the Roots According to the Davey Tree Company, an effective strategy to maximize water's effectiveness and lessen the risk of evaporation or runoff is deep watering. This entails the use of a special probe and high pressure to inject water directly into the root zones of trees and shrubs. 058-059.indd 58 3/3/14 11:56 AM

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