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NOV 2013

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Harmonizing Elements of Conventional and Natural Pools By David Aquilina, Strategic Storyteller Above: This hybrid pool in Princeton, N.J., combines features of a conventional and a natural swimming pool. It includes a stream flowing over rocks, two waterfalls, a spa, a Grand Effects gas fire pit, an ipe wood deck, Lightstreams glass tiles, a zero depth beach entry, and a sun shelf. A BioLab UV sterilizer and a Del Ozone commercial-size ozone generator supplement the natural bio-filtration of the plant beds. A Paramount PC2000 in-floor automatic cleaning system uses popup jet nozzles to sweep and remove dirt and debris. 16 LC DBM n at u r a l s w im m i ng po o l a c h ie v e s a nd m a in t a in s w a t e r p u r ity a n d c l a r i ty by n a t ur a l b io lo g ic al f i lt r a t io n in a s e c t io n w it h a q u a tic p l an t s a nd r o c k s - n o c h l or i n e or o t he r c h e m ic al s . N S P s ar e i de a l f o r p e op l e a ll e r g i c to c h e m i ca ls , ho m e ow ne r s wh o a r e e co lo gi ca ll y m i n d e d , a nd c l ie nt s w h o e n v i s i on a n a qu as c a p e t h a t of fe r s t he e x p e r ie n ce o f s w i m m i n g i n a na t u r al i s t ic s e t t i ng w h i le e ns u r in g t ha t t he w at e r is c le a n a nd s af e . An NSP works by establishing a balanced wetlands ecosystem. Thus, NSP water is pond water. Some algae and biofilm forms on the rocks, walls and bottom of the swimming zone. So, what if the client is not quite ready to go all-natural? That was the challenge faced by James Robyn of Rin Robyn Pools®, Bernardsville, N.J., when he crafted a unique pool for a family in Princeton, N.J. Robyn is also president and chief executive officer of BioNova® Natural Pools North America, the master licensor for patented NSP technology that has been used in Europe for more than 30 years. Since these homeowners wanted natural features, but not as natural as a real pond, the solution was a hybrid swimming pool with a UV-light sterilizer and ozone generator to supplement the natural bio-filtration of the plant beds. In addition, an in-floor automatic system cleans the floor of the swimming area. The pool, including the stone deck surrounding it, measures approximately 30 feet wide at the deep end and 60 feet long from end to end. The total surface area of the water, including the spa, is 2,200 square feet. It holds 80,000 gallons. Water appears to enter the pool via a spring that bubbles over a cluster of rocks

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