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NOV 2018

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32 LC DBM features, one can also use light as a feature all on its own. If a client is searching for something that will set a landscape apart from oth - ers, special lighting features can attract the attention, not just with their light, but also with their striking design. Whether the lights themselves create the effect or a shadow that is cast by a pattern covering the light, special lighting features can add interest and aesthetic value to a landscape. One way to create an interesting feature with outdoor lighting is to place a design over lighting in order to create bright patterns that cast a gentle glow while display - ing a pleasing image. Adding colors to landscape lighting can also create an artistic aes - thetic in a space. However, not all colors can be soothing or exciting when used for certain features or areas. For instance, while yel - low can enhance the natural colors of plants with yellowish-green leaves, according to, it can deaden the color of grass and foliage. Blue light can look eerie in some settings, but when it is used to enhance the look of blue-green foliage, it can cre - ate a cool and calm aesthetic. Red light is best for areas that will be viewed from a distance, as it can give off the appearance of soft fire - light from far away but is usually too intense for large, close features. Clients who care about the effects that lights have on both their neighbors driving by and the night sky will be happy to use colored landscape lighting. It produces six times less light pollution than white lights. Conclusion There are nearly limitless options to transform a landscape with lighting. Whether a client wants to change the mood of his land - scape in the evening, highlight an architectural feature or even cre- ate a work of art, light can offer several different solutions. A landscape that soothes by day can dazzle by night. One should never underestimate the aesthetic difference that can be made by well-used and well-placed landscape lighting. LC DBM Above These light features were installed by Davie at the Sarasota project. The marine-grade stainless steel panels came with a preset design in the form of four 4'x8' sheets that were each cut into four pieces. Davie and his team cut holes in the foam-core wall and ran wiring through it, covering the holes with mesh, a stucco finish and paint. The panels were then mounted, along with an outdoor transformer, on the wall. Behind the panels are IP67 waterproof 6500K LED strip lights, with the power source set on a timer. Above From below Soft Kichler 12V LED Accent Light with Variable Lumen Output (VLO) spotlights highlight the natural shadows that are found on the rough surface of the rocks that form this natural-style waterfall. The light is reflected in the waterfall itself, creating a shimmer effect as the water moves.

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