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NOV 2018

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Washing When using wash lights, one should place the light to the side of the land - scape that will be illuminated and allow the light to bathe the entire area in light. This creates a soft glow that permeates the entire space. Spotlighting Spotlighting involves the use of nar- rowly focused beams from above (perhaps mounted on a wall or pole) or below. This technique is effective on statues, sculptures, various gar - den elements, flagpoles and other architectural details. Lighting in Water Adding water and lighting to- gether can highlight a pool or wa- ter feature as well as turn light into a glimmering, dancing im - age in the landscape. There are several different water features that can benefit from aesthetic lighting. Underwater lighting is an excel - lent option when it comes to mak- ing the most of water features. For example, adding lighting to a pond can allow clients to watch backlit koi swimming among the reeds after dark. However, one should make sure to provide unlit areas for fish to hide if they want to – it is important to create a landscape that is a good environment for both people and the creatures that share the space. As for water features that do not har - bor wildlife, there are so many options. Underwater lighting can provide an am - bient glow in a pool or highlight falling water in a fountain. There are many aspects to consider when adding light to a fountain. Often, landscape professionals use strategically placed submersible lights to illuminate such a feature. This creates shadowing effects and makes the water feature visu - ally appealing. However, it is not always necessary to submerse lights into wa - ter to achieve these interesting effects. Multiple light sources make the space more intriguing and make the moving water shimmer. Most fountains are built to be viewed from multiple angles, so one can utilize several methods to highlight the feature. One should consider the surrounding space and work with the available land - scape. A large nearby tree could be in- corporated, shining downlights onto the fountain from above. If one is using submersible lights, when the lights are placed under water, some of the output is lost. Depending on the water's depth and clarity, extra wattage may need to be factored into the situa - tion. However, the lights should not be so bright that they create a glare. This problem can be minimized with proper fixture placement. The lighting should be viewed from all angles before the project is completed to make sure the lighting is not causing an irritating glare. Spotlight on Light While outdoor lighting can be used to beautifully and tastefully display outdoor November 2018 31 Above Well lights uplight the trees, throwing every leaf into stark relief and creating a textured effect.

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