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NOV 2018

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Above Text B Besides utilizing lights in the land- scape to illuminate aesthetic quali- ties or enhance security, lights can, and should, serve an integral part of providing safety as well. It could be considered common knowledge that a well lit public area reduces crime and thus, in-turn, increases safety. Riding on that same train-of-thought, an adequately lit landscape, whether it is public or private, can be a simple tactic employed by landscape con - tractors and landscape designers to limit slipping, falling or tripping. The information found within the closed confines of this article aim to promote the knowledge of utilizing light in order to reduce the risk of injury from slipping, tripping or fall - ing that may result from inadequate lighting. When discussing best practices for placing light fixtures, Hunter Booth of Booth Design Group, states that minimizing glare is key. "The way to safely light a prop - erty is to take into account glare and make sure people aren't looking di - rectly into the lights," Booth states. "To have light safety is to have differ - ent intensities of light focused where you want and never directly in some - one's face." Statistics The United States Center for Dis- ease Control (CDC) reports that each year over 800,000 people are hospi - talized due to a fall related injury that occurred at their home or residence. Additionally, their website states that "one out of five falls does cause a se - Safety Pu rposes Bottom, Left When placing lights for stairs, Ryan Prange of Falling Waters Landscape, Inc., offers several bits of great advice; "Make the light fixture as unobtrusive as possible… Also, you don't want to have a light that shines in peoples faces at a certain level as they are walking up steps." Pictures of Fall- ing Water Landscape's can be seen on their Instagram page @fallingwaterslandscape. Left This private residence utilizes Mini MERCURE com- pact path lights that are in- stalled flush with the ground in order to guide visitors safely to the front door. They give off nine watts of soft light and are made by Targetti. Utilization of Lighting for 24 LC DBM by Greg Frank,, LC/DBM

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