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NOV 2018

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or driveway, you need something with high lumens:" 700 or more. Technology Motion sensor activated lights have been around for a while and provide a good tradeoff between energy efficien- cy and security. And they are constantly evolving. As for motion sensor range, Lem - mon says that the "ideal…for an open area security light is at least 40 feet." Our research showed that some sensors can detect motion within a 180-degree wide zone. Other things to look for on motion sen - sors is an automatic shut-off control that activates after a given amount of time to conserve energy and an integrated photosensor to en - sure that the fix- ture does not oper- ate during daylight hours. Lighting tim - ers can be add- ed to a system that can even be ac- tivated through cell phones or tablets, and can be set so that different zones turn on and off and different times. Some more modern advancements in - clude fixtures that have two-level bright- ness that increase light output the closer someone gets to it, three-sided LED lights for better coverage, wireless fixtures with rechargeable batteries (one such product states that each charge provides up to 90 one-minute activations), and solar- powered units – some with an integrated panel and some with a separate one. There are also motion sensing, motion activated light sockets that screw into any existing light socket and accept an LED with an E26 base. And then there are LED bulbs themselves with built-in motion detectors and photocell sensors, which could be perfect for carriage light fixtures, porch lights and such. And finally, though not lighting tech - nology, motion-detecting cameras can be installed that can communicate with mobile devices and the internet to send alerts to property owners and let them "keep an eye" on their homes and busi - nesses when they are away. LC DBM 22 LC DBM Left The pavilion and gazebo at the San Marino residence are il- luminated fully and evenly so when the homeowners are enjoying them at night, their safety is enhanced, and when looking out at them from inside, have a clear view of any questionable activity. Above Concealed LED strip-lights, linear in-grades, floodlights and exterior tape accents not only bring out the clean geometric lines of this home in Huntington Beach, California, they provide ample illumination of the doors and windows.

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