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NOV 2018

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November 2018 21 For homes that have trees near the entry, Coleman recommends adding downlights to illuminate the surround - ing areas. Indirect lighting can also be used to add to the security of a property. On the Illuminating Engineering Society's web - site, lighting designer Kimberly Mercier, PE, P.Eng., the managing principal of Lighting Design Innovations ( lighting - ), gave a presen- tation with her husband Paul Mercier, MS, LC, who is also the company's de - sign principal, in which she referenced the concept of transfer of illumination – using reflected light to expose critical areas without direct light on those areas. Floodlights are often selected because their powerful, widespread beams il - luminate large areas. But for lighting design professionals, the consideration of overall aesthetics sometimes means units with narrower beams are pre - ferred. The range of illumination, or the distance that a fixture casts light, is de - pendent on the size of the area requiring the illumination. Nowadays, solar floodlights are avail - able, which are even more energy effi- cient but they typically don't generate as many lumens – the actual light produced by the lamps, which, one could surmise, should be paid more attention to than the wattage of the lamps when lighting for security purposes. Lemmon advises that for "widespread light for a backyard Above and Top McKay Landscape Lighting from Omaha, Nebraska, installed a series of low voltage LEDs in the front and back of this residence. While the backyard installation with colored lights and fire features, strikingly transformed the landscape for nighttime enjoyment, the lights in the front yard emphasized security.

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