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NOV 2018

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W We all know that fire is most com- monly used as a heat source. In the natural environment wildfires spread, burning vegetation and destroying ani - mal life in the process. Yet, the use of fire has evolved drastically over time as man learned how to make and control it. It is used as a tool to illuminate the night, and in the early days, humans used fires for rituals and to warn off predators. It serves other functions such as clearing land in agriculture, signaling, cooking, and keeping a home warm on winter nights. Fire is also used as enter - tainment in performances and events, and is combined with water to create art pieces. With the evolution of fire usage, de - signers and builders, such as Elena Co- lombo, are completely transforming fire into state-of-the-art features that pro - vide more than just warmth. They are creating masterpieces beyond the tradi - tional fireplace that make you exclaim, "Wow, that is incredible! How do they do that and how can I get it!?" Well here is how… Fire Features Designer Elena Colombo's design and build firm, Fire Features, creates distinc - tive works including firebowls, markers and sculptures. Colombo works with both landscape architects and landscape contractors to design and con - struct her art. Landscape contrac- tors may look at the website and deter- mine if they want something similar for their project, or Colombo might be asked to create something of their own design. According to Colombo, because out - door gas fireplaces and fire features are still relatively new, and there are many different ways that a feature can be hooked up, it is a good idea to plan the installation well in advance. Colombo says not to align the gas line directly to the center of the feature's location, but suggests that the gas line be plumbed to a "plain sight" emergency shut-off valve, then go underground and back up Above The Cabo Twist is a 10-foot tall design, made of a corten steel vortex of branches. This twisted sculpture stands on a terrace at the edge of the Auberge Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas. Left The Bridge at Bethlehem Steel, designed by Elena Colombo, is 75 feet long and 30 feet high. A slot in the sculpture holds a specially designed 30-foot long burner that allows the flame to be viewed from above and below. The flame incrementally grows up to a height of eighteen inches. An exterior-rated electron- ic ignition system lights the burner, with con- trols located within the base of the structure out of sight and away from the public's reach. November 2018 15 Right Stainless Steel Seagrass is made of vertical stainless steel rods that are interconnected. The seagrass can also be applied as an insert in a fireplace or as a isolated piece on land or water.

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