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NOV 2018

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Foam Technologies' Foam-Con- trolĀ® EPS Geofoam, a light- weight expanded polystyrene (EPS) material with high com - pressive strengths that is used to reduce axial loading on structures. Joya has also found the product very easy to work with, which saves time and money. Installing the Geofoam was the respon - sibility of Christy Webber Landscapes. Though (the company) has extensive ex - perience with green roof construction, (in- stallation) project manager Nick Kinsella remarked that the roof deck on Prudential Plaza was one of the most challenging proj - ects he has worked on. "The design for this project was really quite complex, with lots of different de - sign elements and a wide range of building materials in play," noted Kinsella. For most construction projects, especially renovation work, understanding and resolving con - struction logistics is a challenge that gener- ally presents case-by-case complexities for builders like the Christy Webber team. In the case of the Prudential roof deck reno - vation, one of the biggest challenges was simply getting the required building materi - als to the 11th-floor roof. Since the build- ing is located adjacent to a series of vaulted streets, the construction team was unable to use a high reach crane because the weight of the crane would have required special provisions and necessitated street closures. "Basically we had to bring all of the con - struction materials up to the project site in the building's freight elevator," continued Kinsella. "We were able to work with (the Geofoam's manufacturer) to have all of the pieces of foam cut to a specific length al - lowing laborers to transport the foam to the 11th floor on the elevator and then walk it through a series of corridors out to the roof." Kinsella also worked with the com - pany's product representative to develop a just-in-time delivery schedule to ensure that a steady stream of EPS Geofoam in the required densities arrived on the roof as workers were ready to put them in place. This allowed builders to keep the limited staging area clear of excess materials while ensuring that construction progress would continue unimpeded. Once the Geofoam was on the roof, the building team assembled the pre-marked pieces, allowing the space to take shape. As each area of blocks was assembled, the construction team was able to survey the progress and fine tune according to the designed curves and contours. Pieces that needed to be further shaped were cut by hand with a reciprocating saw by general laborers. Today, with construction at Prudential Plaza complete, building tenants are enjoy - ing a premium green roof experience that boasts fantastic skyline views and over - looks Chicago's famed Millennium Park. Interestingly, 10 years earlier, Millennium Park was also built on top of ACH Foam Technologies' EPS Geofoam for many of the same reasons. "The transformation of the 11th-floor roof deck really couldn't be more dynam - ic," said Kinsella with pride. "The space went from a flat, barren roof to a vibrant, inviting private park that will be a delight - ful spot for mid-day lunch or after work drinks." Kyle Kamin, a tenant broker who has clients in Prudential Plaza called the roof deck "a game-changer with an unbeatable view." LC DBM Hardscapes continued from page 10 Left A great advantage of using the EPS Geofoam is be - ing able to see the shape of the assembled product and make any required changes before the concrete is poured and rework becomes signifi - cantly more complicated. Right Two types of Geofoam were used. EPS 15 was used in areas that would largely be filled with plants and wouldn't bear much foot traffic. EPS 46, chosen for its exceptionally high compressive strength, was used as a structural fill across the design's many grade changes and in areas that would bear the greater weight of the roof deck occupants. November 2018 13

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