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OCT 2018

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80 LCDBM Louisiana State University mechanical engineering profes- sor Guoqiang Li and his team of researchers have developed a polymer-based self-healing sealant for expansion joints in asphalt. The sealant is able to react to changes in the ambient tempera - ture. When the adjoining asphalt heats up and expands, the liquid polymer actually shrinks to prevent further cracking of the sur- rounding roadway. When the temperature drops, and the asphalt contracts again, the adhesive expands to fill out the remaining damaged area. The University of Nevada, Reno used an automatic bricklaying robot, named SAM100, to aid in the construction of a new $35.5 million facility. A news article on the university's website states that the robot laid more than 60,000 of the project's estimated 100,000 bricks. SAM100 is capable of placing a mortared brick once every eight seconds, and aver- ages 200-250 bricks per hour; leading to a projected 50 percent reduction in construction time. Professor Develops Morphing Asphalt Sealant University of Nevada, Reno's Bricklaying Robot Texas A&M AgriLife Extension re- leased a 10-minute video on YouTube titled, "How to treat for crapemyrtle bark scale," that extensively covers the subject of treating the tree disease. Crapemyrtle bark scale effects the crape - myrtle tree and is a small, white insect that feeds off the bark, causing decreased blooms and a black/sooty bark appear- ance. The video covers two practical solutions to treating the pest: washing the bark and applying a specific insecti- cide. Texas A&M Video on Treating Crapemyrtle Bark Scale In this picture, the wall of bricks is being constructed in the lower right and the large red arm picks up a brick from the trays on the top right. Then, the arm carrying the brick swings down and another smaller application applies the mortar. A video of the process can be viewed on the University of Nevada, Reno's website https://tinyurl. com/yc7pfdfk . PHOTO CREDIT: UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, RENO Education Tidbits I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 4 6 8

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