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OCT 2018

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October 2018 75 LC/DBM PRODUCT PREVIEW Designed to Connect Unilock The U-Cara Multi-face wall system from Unilock is definitely creating a paradigm shift when it comes to designing and building landscape walls and features. U-Cara™ is comprised of two easy-to-han - dle components: U-Cara Fascia Panels and Sure Track Backer Blocks. Both sides of the Sure Track backer blocks feature precision molded Sure Track rails. The fascia panels hang on these rails. Simply clad one or both sides of the backer block to create almost any landscape wall, step, pillar or other hardscape feature. U-Cara fascia panels can be mixed, matched and positioned anywhere on the wall which translates into incredible design opportunities not possible with any other wall system. With this unleashed creativity, both designers and contractors can design, sell and execute more profitable projects. And it does not stop there. The U-Cara Universal Base Unit can help contractors to realize a time savings of up to 30% when it comes to block leveling and alignment. Also, by strategically gapping the backer blocks one can almost eliminate the need for cutting any of the backer blocks because any spaces can get covered by the fascia panels. Some contractors have indicated that they can save 50% (or more) of actual cutting time on a project because of this. Another bonus to the U-Cara system is that fascia panels are only required where they are visible. They are not needed inside of retaining walls, grill islands, planters or any areas below grade. This feature alone can save a considerable amount of money on a project. U-Cara is a two component system, allow - ing for lighter components which are easier to handle, minimizing installer fatigue and possible injury. But lighter units do not mean smaller walls. In fact Unilock can assist you in providing engineering for walls up to 20 feet in height. Contact Unilock at 1-800-UNILOCK or at for U-Cara samples and a demonstration on how this amazing wall system works. Unilock Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, New York, Milwaukee, Toronto (Canada) 1-800-UNILOCK (864-5628) Information Request # 2007

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