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OCT 2018

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Right Trow & Holden Company introduced a new carbide-tip hand point to their family of hand tools, the Bull Point. Instead of coming to an actual point, its carbide tip has a slight chisel shape that is about 3/8" wide – designed so to make it more aggressive, and capable of removing larger chunks of material with less effort. The tool also debuts a new style of handle called Swept Grip, which features a distinct contoured hourglass shape. Customers who tested it reported that the Swept Grip stock provided a more secure grip while reduc- ing hand fatigue, and felt more comfortable overall. Below With its dual handles, the new Quick-E-Ergo XL assists in installing heavy blocks and slabs up to 450 pounds. It works in con- junction with five different pad sizes – 6" x 25", 13" x 13", 17" x 19", 13" x 37" and 19" x 37". https://tinyurl. com/ybgkqvmd Below The asphalt grinder or cold planer is used for asphalt and concrete pavement repairs and utility jobs. It grinds away the surface up to 4.7 inches. The centre pivot design applies the maximum force directly over the cutting drum. Differ- ent types of teeth are available depending on the grind- ing task. A water spraying system is available as an option: mounted on the planer and equipped with a 32 gal. water tank and nozzle bar, membrane pump and strainer filter. Also, 3-piece, 64-pound counterweights can be mounted on the water tank support frame to add weight to assist in the grinding activity. https://tinyurl. com/y8r96urw Above A specially designed comfort handle that reduces vibration feedback to the operator's hands is now available on all BOMAG medium and large reversible plate models, ranging from the BPR 45/55 D to the BPR 70/70 D. Rubber vibration buffers connecting the steering rod to both the handle and the base plate drop hand-arm-vibration values to 8.2 ft/s2. And finally, the Magnetic Land- scapers Clips contain powerful 80-pound pull force neodymium magnets for sturdy mounting on steel surfaces. Made with UV- treated composite material, this accessory fits nearly all profes- sional-grade long-handled tools with a diameter of 7/8 to 1-5/8 inches, and includes an insert for smaller diameter handles. 70 LCDBM

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