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OCT 2018

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Left Developed by Mi- chelin, the MICHELIN® X TWEEL ® airless radial tire is a 26-inch tire with varying hub designs. It has a 37-mph speed rating at a maximum gross vehicle weight of 2,869 pounds, and fits a range of models includ- ing John Deere, Kawasaki, Honda, Kubota and more. 48 LCDBM Continued on page 50 vs. Wheeled Skid Steer," Stanley Genadeck, of Genadeck Land- scaping, writes, "Tracks cost $4,000 and you get 400 hours out of them. Just the tracks cost you $10 per hour. Tires cost you $1,000 and you get 300 hours out of them. Tires cost you only $3.33 per hour!" One neat characteristic of tracks is their maneuverability on the jobsite. Equipment with tracks eliminate the need for a turn radius because, as stated in an article found on MacAllister, "[Machines with tracks] can swing in a circle without forward or backward motion by braking one track and accelerating the other. Machines with tracks can also shuffle side to side which is impossible for those mounted on wheels." Tires One of the latest additions to the technology involving tires is the use of non-pneumatic tires. Also known as airless tires, these are tires that are not supported by air pressure, and instead, >> One of the most critically important details of a tire is its tread. Tread can affect a tire's performance, traction, speed, how much the tire disrupts the ground, tire life and the overall capabilities of the tire. If you are working in a predominately sod covered area and don't want to tear the grass, you are going to want a tire that is almost bald with nearly no tread. On the other hand, in locations where there is dirt, mud or loose soil, tires without tread aren't going to get you anywhere. Presented in this section is a closer examination on a range of different tire treads by Camso. Visit for more options. Tire Treads Above This tire has wide, deep lungs to provide off-road traction and evenly distribute wear. Above This is the type of tire designed for hard surfaces, like concrete, and grass. Because it does not have large deep treads, it won't tear up grass, but at the same time will have less traction in other terrains. Above The Camso MPT 753 is the newest addition to their tire line. It features non- directional tire treads and actually deflects debris by utilizing an "Impact Guard Side- wall" design.

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