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OCT 2018

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42 LCDBM Continued on page 44 Below With on-board grade indication, an entry-level type of grade control technology avail- able on the 330G and 332G skid steers, and the 331G and 333G compact track loaders, the operator makes all the grading decisions based on the information from a sensor that indicates the slope of the machine. two percent slope. The machine pro- vides information on what your slope is, both in an absolute sense and a rela - tive sense." The system uses an inertial mea - surement unit, an electronic device that sits on the machine and reports information such as angular rates. The information is then processed on board and displayed in the cab so an operator can check his work without leaving the cab. This allows the op - erator to see if the ground has been made flat or correctly modified to the desired slope. Besides coming out on newer ma - chines, some systems can be added to older models too. Cat Grade, which Hagemann says can result in efficien - cy gains of up to 45 percent, can be added to most machines regardless of brand or age. This system can be operated in 2D mode, for flat planes and slopes, or 3D mode, which "handles contours and complex curves," Hagemann states. He goes on to explain other differenc - es in the two modes. "2D uses an external point of refer - ence like a curb or laser; 3D references an external infrastructure for reference and an internal machine digital site plan. 2D needs less infrastructure than Above For this grading solution, a box blade attachment from Level Best is connected to the front of either compact track loaders or skid steers and can be configured with a laser system or a full 3D system. For the 3D solution, a Topcon, Trimble, or Leica system, which includes 3D GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers, is added. This solution also allows the use of an engineered 3D design plan, which is easily uploaded into the system.

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